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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, August 24, 2017

A visit to Kansas

We stayed at Ash and Ella's But since Thatcher's aren't far away, we got to see them all.  Ella had made chocolate for something and "ruined" it, so dumped it in the trash.  Finn didn't find any fault with it and didn't see any point in wasting it!

Nothing on the counter is safe either.  He can pull himself clear up, or move his stool over and get to it.

The three CUTEST little musketeers!! 

Dawsyn had just whopped Brentley here.......probably deserved, but it doesn't usually work out well for her.  Finn's just watching..........

 Uh oh.......I think your mama saw that..........

Dawsy looks a little guilty, But how do you get that face in trouble?

Little pig little pig, let me come in..............

 Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

I ask you......does this look like a trust worthy pair to let loose???  ack!

Good thing Nanna and Papaw don't stay long.......they might forget how to feed themselves.

The girls love cooking breakfast and hanging out with their big siblings.

Some people aren't good at much besides looking cute.

 Looking at an airplane book with Daddy.

 Uh, look, the book got my hand!

Now that's funny stuff right there.

 This is where we find Wren most of the time.  Reading/looking at comic books

 There is no such thing as personal space with this crew!

 Now it's uncle Sherman's turn.

 "Helping" put mulch on their garden.

 I'm not sure what the squirt bottle was for, but Finn spent his time drinking it......  and gloating when he had it and Brentley wanted it.

Wearing our most fashionable ensemble for mulching.

Brentley finally got the water bottle.  I'm surprised there was any water left in it to spray.

They thought since I'm always snapping pictures of everyone, that I should have to be in a picture.  Fine whatever.

We brought Brentley back with us.

That's all folks!  Now on to edit all of June, July and August..........get ready.