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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 28, 2017

Iley's 10th Birthday and April Happenings

I want to get this post in here before April is past!  We got to celebrate Iley's existence on this earth for 10 years.  We've been blessed to share 5 of those with her.  When I think about the fact that we missed the first 5 it makes me sad.  But I'm so thankful to be her mom and share the rest of her birthdays with her.  I have to wonder does her birth mother think about her tiny baby girl on this day and wonder where she is? Is she being loved? Is she happy?  Did her little heart get fixed? Answers she may never have this side of heaven.  But I pray she will find Jesus and peace with her hard choice.  I am thankful she chose life for this little girl, and that God chose me to be the mother of two precious beautiful Asian daughters.

Iley, our little cricket bug, (because she's jumpy, twitchy, and noisy) but oh so charming and funny and loving and smart.  She is a bright sunshine child.......or she's a grumpy Eeyore with a cloud hanging over head.  Rarely anything in between.  She's shy with new people, but can be bossy and opinionated with her friends.  She loves anything "My Little Pony" right now.  Her favorite thing to do is play with her the house if she's allowed (because a cat would be the next spirit animal to describe her), but outside if not...........or whoever's house they can talk the mom into letting them in.  Problem is it starts with one or two.........but quickly becomes a crowd......and loud.......and wild.    Happy 10th Birthday Iley!!  We love you immensely.

Her Birthday Party was LOUD and a bit wild.  Since it was Saturday Troy was able to be here too.  I think about 10 minutes into it he was wishing he was at work.  She wanted donuts instead of cake and went around to all her friends houses and polled them on the icing of choice.  It was predominately chocolate.  Except for her.  She likes maple.  I was proud of her for keeping her choice of icing even though she was the only one!  She used to wait until Wren picked....even which toothbrush.....and then make her choice the same.  

From left to right....Zyann, Wren, Mckayla, Iley, and Pythias.

And over on the wild side......we have from closest to farthest......Ronan, Anthony, (anthony's friend Dillon) August and Ziarre.

 A Pinata.....that was a flop......Iley pulled the first string and it came open!

The best part.......PRESENTS!

Then I ran them all out.  Whew!  Thank goodness it's only once a year!

Getting the mail in their jammies.

Waiting on the doctor to look at Wren's wrist.  She tripped over a low trimmed bush at a friends house and fell.  She rarely watches where her feet are, and she fell hard.  She broke her glasses and scraped her face too.  Being the tender caring mother that I am.........hmmhmm....We waited until the next day to take her in......and yep it was broken.  A buckle fracture on her growth plate ;(

This being the first cast either of them have had, they were both very interested in the process.

Snow on my lovely blooming tree.

Iley and her bestie Mckayla.


Hot Chocolate with friends.  August and Varick.

Iley, Mckayla, and Pythias play this kind of thing or ponies, or puppies for hours with a constant running dialog.  Wren rarely joins them. She quickly gets bored with their conversation that she can't follow and usually looks up Anthony or Zyann.

Anthony was making movies of them on his phone.  He's always full of ideas!

 Ms. cutie patootie Dawsee Ree.

 This is a shooting table that Harrison made in welding class for Thatcher.  It's waiting to be delivered/picked up but is getting a whole use.

 This bike is NOT cooperating!

Iley's picture won 1st place in the whole district for her grade level.  It hung in the town library for a couple weeks, then she got to go to an award ceremony and won a $25 prize!  She was quite pleased and immediately ordered more ponies with it.

 So proud of this girl!!