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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mostly The Littles

When your friends go home for the evening, but you can hear them playing in the backyard, but your mom is mean and won't let you climb over the fence or go around........and you have more to talk about......It's a good thing you have toes that will hook on the fence like a monkey.

It was time for the mamma and the papa to take a vacation, fly away for a rest.....Nanna will you Please take care of my nest?  You love my babies and I need a rest.  We'll hurry right back, Why, we'll never be missed......Very well said the nanna....since you insist. I'll kiss them and hug them and find fun things to play.....Toodle-oo sang out the parents and hurried away!  But, unlike the lazy Maisy bird.....they did come back!  And Nanna didn't suffer at all.  But the mamma and Pappa may have some unspoiling to do hehehe.

They found the only sand/dirt around and proceeded to cover themselves in it.

The girls are filling up Varicks tossed sock.......Varick was totally unconcerned about the state of his sock as he was busy dumping dirt allover the rest of himself.....I'm sure his mother was impressed and wondered why one was so much dirtier than the other.  Makes me think of 'The Mitten' book where one mitten is all stretched out and the other normal.

Brentley LOVES Aunt Iley.  She is SO good with him and usually patient.  Although she did veto sleeping with him after the first night. She said she could hear him breathing all night.

Guess what!  Both girls can FINALLY ride a bike!!  Woohooo!

I'm not sure what he was actually pretending here but it appears like he's siphoning my gas!

My cute little mower mechanics.  This is a much cuter "smile" than some I've seen ;)

Little sis thought she was big enough to go outside and play too.  If the kids went out and shut her in she would HOWL!

She tasted all the rocks......found some prechewed gum and tested it out and threw a fit when Nanna dug it out.......ate some dirt.....

That little hand holding the cup!

I have to say it's no wonder He whacks her sometimes.  She is always way up in his business and he isn't swayed by her cuteness one bit.....and boy is she cute.

 Wren was with us too but kept as much distance between herself and them as possible.  She is so intolerant of them. She likes them but doesn't want them to touch her or her stuff.   Not sure how to encourage her to be nicer.  

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  1. enjoyed catching up with your family on here. You have the cutedst grands! :)