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Friday, March 3, 2017

Brentley's 3rd Birthday Party

This post is slightly misleading.... It STARTS with Brentley's Birthday.....then back tracks on all kinds of rabbit trails.....94 pictures in all so grab a snack and beverage of choice before you begin the marathon.  

It was a "Paw Patrol" themed party!  He's into that cartoon at the moment. Last year it was Mickey's Clubhouse.

The kid's table in the kitchen.

Isaac and his baby girl Addeline.

He was rather pleased with all his loot!

I want to open presents too :(

Iley is counting down the days until her birthday.  April 14th...not too much longer.
She was picking on her chin here.....

So Thatcher threatened to tie her hands down.

Dawsyn was so funny!  Most kids this age would tear off their mask and not leave it alone.....she would go get it and put it on.  Cutest little puppy :)

Just hanging out down here going through all brother's new gifts that mom sat on the floor out of the way.

 I found this little stuffed husky that looks like his puppy Riggs so he got to open one present too.

 And one for Dawsee Ree.

Dawsee is such a darling little stinker!!  How can anyone so tiny and innocent looking, be such a rotten egg!  She was cracking us up...Finn would go by pulling a wagon with his toys loaded in it.....and Dawsyn would come up behind and steal a toy.  She would look at Finn to make sure he knew she took it, then turn around and shuffle run away.  Finn would Protest.....then pretty soon she would bring it back to him........and then do it again.  Who me?  

That is Brentley's foot, not Dawsyns.  He just slipped and went under....

 "I'm ok" 

I need a bumper stick that says this car makes  random stops for photos. Sunset, empty field with bales......gorgeous light.....

Do your best pose I careful what you ask for!

I told them ok, walk back this way.........I love that they still hold hands :)

I actually bought these outfits for them with the thought in mind that they would be super cute in pictures in the snow..........and it hasn't snowed since!!  You're welcome all Coloradans......(is that a word?)  So I was hunting for white backgrounds and this is all I could come up with....grain bins at the Quinter elevator.

I think I told them to just stand there and talk to each other. Iley was seriously in her face!  She's like back off sista.

 Maybe I can throw her off of here.

Just being silly cause they are tired of Mom saying stand here, turn this way.......

 Ballerina poses are always fun.

Hang on a minute mom!  This pretty much sums up her opinion of taking pictures!

 time to take this girl home!

 Scoot closer together!

Is this close enough mom?

 Headed back to the car.

Backing up now to Finn's surgery for hypospadias.  They stayed with us a week while he was healing up.  He was NOT a happy camper most of the time!  He had to have a catheter in and his poor little bladder would spasm mid stride and he would freak out and howl.  But there were definite perks......He had Mamma and Daddy and Nanna and all the Uncles and Aunts at his beck and call and got to eat lots of fruit snacks and drink juice......usually its just water.

And he didn't get in trouble for much of why not dump the goldfish.

Iley and her two besties as she calls them.  

Playing school on the front porch.

 Entertaining the wounded one.  He was loving it!

Varick from next door was out playing too.  Ash and Ella had just got back from taking Finn, Varick and August on a walk down to the park.

 Blanket forts are always a hit.

Iley, Thea, Mckayla, and August.

Never a dull moment.

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