Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mostly The Littles

When your friends go home for the evening, but you can hear them playing in the backyard, but your mom is mean and won't let you climb over the fence or go around........and you have more to talk about......It's a good thing you have toes that will hook on the fence like a monkey.

It was time for the mamma and the papa to take a vacation, fly away for a rest.....Nanna will you Please take care of my nest?  You love my babies and I need a rest.  We'll hurry right back, Why, we'll never be missed......Very well said the nanna....since you insist. I'll kiss them and hug them and find fun things to play.....Toodle-oo sang out the parents and hurried away!  But, unlike the lazy Maisy bird.....they did come back!  And Nanna didn't suffer at all.  But the mamma and Pappa may have some unspoiling to do hehehe.

They found the only sand/dirt around and proceeded to cover themselves in it.

The girls are filling up Varicks tossed sock.......Varick was totally unconcerned about the state of his sock as he was busy dumping dirt allover the rest of himself.....I'm sure his mother was impressed and wondered why one was so much dirtier than the other.  Makes me think of 'The Mitten' book where one mitten is all stretched out and the other normal.

Brentley LOVES Aunt Iley.  She is SO good with him and usually patient.  Although she did veto sleeping with him after the first night. She said she could hear him breathing all night.

Guess what!  Both girls can FINALLY ride a bike!!  Woohooo!

I'm not sure what he was actually pretending here but it appears like he's siphoning my gas!

My cute little mower mechanics.  This is a much cuter "smile" than some I've seen ;)

Little sis thought she was big enough to go outside and play too.  If the kids went out and shut her in she would HOWL!

She tasted all the rocks......found some prechewed gum and tested it out and threw a fit when Nanna dug it out.......ate some dirt.....

That little hand holding the cup!

I have to say it's no wonder He whacks her sometimes.  She is always way up in his business and he isn't swayed by her cuteness one bit.....and boy is she cute.

 Wren was with us too but kept as much distance between herself and them as possible.  She is so intolerant of them. She likes them but doesn't want them to touch her or her stuff.   Not sure how to encourage her to be nicer.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017

March Madness

And nope it has nothing to do with basket ball.  Just our crazy crew.

Iley struggling through homework.

The elusive Harrison eating an after school snack.  

Her big brothers were coaching her in her basket ball skills.......she wasn't overly grateful.

 On this particular day I looked out at one point and counted 16 kids in the side yard!.

This was funny.  If you follow me on instagram you've already heard the story but I wanted to record it here.  I heard the girls sneaking out trying not to make any noise or let their shoes click on the hard wood.  Then I heard them chortle and run once they thought they had made it out the door safely without mom stopping them.  I think they thought I wouldn't let them wear their dress up shoes outside........which I've totally given up on trying to keep any toys inside. I figure if they are getting played with.......who cares where.  If they ruin them.....well less to pick up.  But back to the story.......I grabbed my camera because you never know......and snuck out behind them.  I caught them running to the neighbors in this.  The boy's mom said her boys came in and said they had to get more dressed up for the girls! Ha ha.  This is fashion sense at it's best.

Here they are looking out the window at the neighbors.  Yes this is how close our neighbors are.  I took this off my back deck.  I did zoom in a little but it's not like a major zoom lens.

From left to right, Mckayla, Pythias, Iley and Mathew  They were making houses with the rocks.

While they were busy working, it looks like that gullible snow white went and ate the apple!

 Looks like the troll was at the party too....and not being a princess didn't faint gracefully and beautifully, but looks like I would if I fainted! Clunk.  But is that the prince to the rescue in the background?

 Iley stepping carefully through the kingdom.

But look!  Snow White awakens.......


Catching her hair flip.

 Iley wanted to try it after seeing Thea's picture.  She added a jump.

 Mr. Cutie Patootie August.

Wren playingbasketball.  The other team had more cheerleaders than players! They were very dedicated and enthusiastic.

The other team definitely has the advantage of the coach being able to give instruction on the fly.  Our kiddos have to stop and be looking at their coach.  I'm sure as they gain experience they will know to look  her way regularly............but's a little chaotic.  Wren was more worried about the girls that were not in their positions than actually playing hers.  All while trying to keep your shorts up.  I think the final score was 30 to 4.

Kansas for the weekend.  Ash and Ella were moving to a different house. No one thought this darling crew would be any help.  By job was keeping the two boys from clobbering each other.

Bob the Builder to the rescue!  

Sissy was serious about her smoothie!  I finally figured out that her straw was clogged and she wasn't getting anything.

Serious cuteness!

Dawsyn spilled some of her smoothie on the table.  Clean up crew at your service.

He woke up from his nap before Brentley and Dawsyn.....of course....cause who's got time for sleep?  He was sitting on Papaw's lap watching funny puppy  videos.  He got Papaw's glasses and smudged them the whole time.  When Troy went to put them on later he couldn't even see through them.

This janitorial service is hire at your own risk......

Our the middle of the street.........our house...insert music notes.......I heard a commotion and went to see what was going on.  We have the craziest corner in the neighborhood!

I long for the country and privacy........but I think the girls would miss this!  I'm thankful we have had this opportunity for them though.  They have learned how to PLAY and pretend!

Back up the hill to try it again. There were a couple of parents watching for traffic for anyone concerned.

Harrison is the fire King.  He loves fires.  But every time he makes one it draws little boys like a magnet.  And if there's sticks to poke in and light on fire.......well it is a great evening.

Looks totally safe........right? Check out August in the chair behind Iley.  He is definitely more cautious than the other heathens.  Of course he's 5 and they are 10....give us time we will corrupt him:)

It was a wonder someone's hair didn't catch on fire!  I finally said enough!  I wanted to relax and talk to Rick and Carol who were here visiting.

Wren and August pretending to camp.