Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Weekend

None of these pictures have a thing to do with the Superbowl.  Just thought I'd warn any sports fans, and encourage any non sports fans.  It's named that because all of the kids were here that weekend.  Well Thatcher's were here.  Ash and Ella dropped Finn and ran.  They took the opportunity to get away for a couple of days.  

This was Wren drinking her Plexus and waiting on the bus.  It just cracked me up how grown up she looked with her drink and her legs crossed looking at a cell phone.  ACK!

 Saturday Morning.....the gangs all here.  His Mamma and Daddy split soon after.


You're funny really think I'm going to eat those?

Not funny.  Still not eating them.

Sunday Kyndahl and I stayed home with all the kids since some of them were coughing and snotty.  Good opportunity to take pictures of them all.  I had cut Brentley's hair just before the pictures.  He was getting his clothes on after his bath so was a couple minutes late to the party.

 Pile on!  Iley is fairly long suffering.  Wren on the other hand stays as far out on the edge as possible.  The girls were not thrilled to take pictures.  I drug them in from playing with their friends.

 We had lots of this........

 And this........Dawsyn found Wrens ear rings....oh look something shiny.

don't you wish you were the bunny!

 They crack her up one minute, and make her shriek and cry the next!

Excuse me?  What do you think you're doing?

Then there were two.  Two wild ones.

 Flying bunnies are funny!

 Sissy decided it was much safer to watch from below!

I love you man!

 This was what I pulled them away from. I took it out the bathroom window.  Iley is in the middle.  Not sure where Wren is.  Probably raiding the garage for more supplies.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Wren!

It's hard to believe that we've been blessed to be the parents of this amazing little girl for almost 5 years now!  She is smart, joyful, generous, bossy, stubborn,creative, resourceful, resilient, kind, beautiful, and most importantly...OURS.  Thank you God for seeing that we needed her.  Happy 10th Birthday Wren!  We love you so very much!  

 For her Birthday she wanted to invite 3 friends from school to her party.  Well she actually wanted to invite the whole class, but that was going to be pretty pricey to take them to her choice of events....the trampoline park.  She ended up with only 2 because we never could figure out how to get a hold of the other child's parents.  It was kind of last minute as I realized her birthday was in the middle of the week. So we did it the weekend before her birthday.
DJ is in the orange, and Holly is the little blonde. These are definitely her favorites.

Her big brothers claimed the right to be at her party cause "we're family...brothers!"  I wonder if they would have been so insistent if she had picked a princess party at a tea shop?

 Iley signing 1,2,3 Go....I was trying to get them to jump at the same time......

We finally had to enlist Sherman's help.  Then I got ran off the mats because I didn't have an arm band!  I knew I would eventually even though I wasn't jumping.  You have to sign a waiver to be past a certain point.

 Iley was so pleased with herself! She mastered the rope swing!

 Wren could do a flip onto the air bag.

I think they missed the kindergarten lesson of hands to yourself in line   :)

 DJ's turn

.....and Holly



Home again for Pizza, Cake and Icecream, and presents.  The kids were originally supposed to go home at 2:30 but they were having so much fun I let them all stay until 5:30.

They had a band.....uh huh..3 deaf kids in a was LOUD and very off key!  But they had so much fun!  Iley got bored...she couldn't understand everything they were saying (now she knows how Wren feels most of the time) so she went outside and hunted up her other friends that weren't allowed in today. (they were VERY offended! but I thought Wren deserved her deaf friends for the day)

 Because you know there is always paper work involved!  Even with a band!

 Holly....running the sound board? looks like she's saying "guys this is not working!  We have lots more practice needed!"  yes.....yes there is! LOL

Wren...(no personal space bubble for her) and looks like their manager is more approving this time.

Meanwhile out on the patio, the banned and offended ones were playing house...or restraunt?

Anthony, from directly behind us, the instigator of play.

August from right next door, always game.

I believe the abandoned training wheels were pizza cutters.

 Cleaning their house.

This is a really bad picture from on the way home from church.  But I included it because it has a rare glimpse of the bigs.

The backseat is always lively.....or fussy.....

I have no idea what was going on here!  I walked in and saw this, turned around and grabbed my camera.  Just some of our regulars.

I saw Wren go through carrying a handful of straws so followed her out to see what she was doing with pays to check!  With her you never know.  I found her and her friends from school making stew out of the mower gas, charcoal from the fire pit, and rocks.  I apologized to their mothers for their ...... this is what I found!   One bottle of problem.

So of course being the good mother that I am......I laughed, ran and grabbed my camera....snapped some pictures and left them to their business.  They crack me up.....when they aren't making me stark staring crazy!

This is a familiar scene!

 And.......if there are boys involved......the doll play usually is not traditional.  I'm sure the baby enjoyed it's bungee experience!

Wren and I had to drive to Denver for an audiologist apt. on the 31st, the day before her birthday.  She worked super hard and did a great job so we decided since it was her birthday tomorrow, we would eat at her favorite place.  Panda Express.  She got her food all situated and took a bite and then signed with relish "perfect"  :)  This girl loves her food!

She thought I needed my picture taken too.   

She is not the best dinner companion though! She tends to put her head down and plow through.  Not much for conversation with her meal.  First things first ya know.

Today is her actual birthday and she had already had her party, and birthday meal so it was kind of boring.  I didn't even take treats in to school.  So last minute I decided to make brownies and have all the neighbor kids over for brownies and ice cream.  This is the main regulars.  We were missing a couple.

 This one is a true picture of all their personalities!  So funny!