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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Part Two

Christmas in Ohio. 
 Finn crawled up on Aunt Gwen's lap and handed her a Southern Living magazine and said "bombine"  No combines in Southern Living, but we found one of Grandpa's farm magazines to pacify him.

These two rate high on my favorite people list!

The stories the old Beech tree could tell!  It still has remnants of the ropes that held the swing that my babies used to swing in.  It used to be a beautiful proud old tree.  Now it stands a bit rejected, a shadow of it's former self as if it has it's arms out longing for days gone by... with it's lush canopy of green and strong branches holding laughing babies while adoring grandparents pushed and smiled.  Of lazy summer days shading readers in the hammock below..........

Eating marshmallows on skewers......because.....grandma let them.

Troy read two books in two weeks time!  

Grandpa and Grandma camped out with them and watched Looney Tunes.

Gwen, Mom, Kyndahl, Wren, Iley and me went up to see Fran and Sheldon's new house.  It is so adorable!

Her least favorite room she says........cause it's not how she wants it, but still cute!

This is the hallway between their bedroom and bathroom.  They have two small rooms upstairs as well. 

Then we all went to lunch and browsed a couple of shops in her little town.

Then we went to a cute coffee/book shop in Troy, Oh.

The girls did great all day and seemed to enjoy being old enough to go to town with the ladies.

These 3 are hard to get out of a book shop!

We sent the kids to the garage to ride bikes.  We weren't paying much attention to them.........when we looked out, WREN they had brought in most of the items from the play house, and raided the brush pile as well.  Iley looks like a homeless gypsy huddled by her fire.

Wren prepared a picnic complete with blanket and flowers.  I'm not sure she ever got her other two guests to attend.

Brentley stayed with us a couple nights at Granpa and Granny's.  This was on the way up to the "Deaton" Christmas get together.  We were missing Grma and Grmpa Deaton but all the siblings were there.  Brentley is always picking at his top lip.  Especially when he's bored or nervous.

 Why you taking my picture Nanna?

 Photo bomber wanna be's.  They were doing their best to get in the picture.

We had the good luck to be able to rent this lovely facility for our gathering.  The kids all had a good time.

 Kip and Troy holding their baby and baby's baby.

 Uncle Lane and Uncle Tim.  

 Evie, Casey and Iley.

 Lots of traffic all around us.

 This little punkin (Lane's youngest, Kline) is finally starting to be less shy.  So fun to see his smiles!

Traditional game of 4 square.

Long suffering Uncle Kip.  Trying to clean up with all his hindrances. I'd feel sorry for him if he didn't egg them on so much.

Then we had Christmas at Grandma Knaus's.  The girls were watching a movie while we cleaned up the lunch mess.  It's always SOOO hard to wait!

 Games with the ladies.

 Games with the boys.

Others just chilled.

 Finally it was time for presents!

He was giving me the stink eye!

She hugged her little puppy and patted it.  So cute!

She's old enough to be interested in what is being pulled out now.

 I missed Brentley and Finn's gifts.

Iley was so excited for this weird very ugly little dog.  It's called puppy surprise.  There is a little velcro compartment in her tummy that you open and see how many puppies are inside.  

Always feeding time for someone.

 a spot of light in the basement.  These didn't turn out like I'd hoped.

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  1. Thank you for posting photos of Sheldon and Fran's house. So fun to see the transformation!