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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cool Cat and a Nature Walk

This is all a bit random....I just have to unload my camera occasionally so tend to dump in big batches.  

This is Iley and McKayla, one of her favorite friends from across the street. She moved in this summer and they have become good buddies.

 Our sweet neighbor, August.  We are very sad that their family will be moving this summer to California.  One of the bummers about being in the military.  We are going to miss them!

Wren gets bored when there is a lot of talking involved in the play.

Wren, Anthony, Iley and August.......Anthony's family is moving this summer too!  Wahhhh!  They are the neighbors directly behind us.  Also the little girl across the street, Pythias, is going to be moving this summer too!  It's going to be a tough summer for me and the girls :(

Look at this cool cat that was prowling behind our house!

Like a movie star with her body guards......LOL

Love this crazy bunch of kids!

But that didn't get them a free pass to play inside! So sorry, nice sunny day.....out you go.

 Looking pitiful will not help.

 Another nice day, I was tired of being in the house, so I drug the girls away from their friends.....and I do mean drug them away.....they were not thrilled......and went for a nature walk.  There is a really nice nature preserve a few miles from us.

Wren had to walk on every ledge.  Which is awesome, because a couple of years ago...or less...she couldn't have kept her balance.

 Seeing what they could see through the binoculars.  Wren found a couple sitting on a bench and thought it was hilarious that she saw them kiss!

 Iley is majorly into My Little Pony right now.  Rainbow Dash had to come with us on our walk.  You did all know that this is rainbow dash didn't you.....oh and they have cutie marks..I assume the same as a beauty mark..???  Deliver me!

Wren on the other hand was fishing..........and pretending her stick was a spider and chasing Iley with it......and nearly whacking our heads off with it several times.  My piddler and my wild child.  Scout and Cricket........I didn't know just how apt the names were!

I thought geese flew south for the winter?  

We found this cool waterfall.

piddle piddle.......dink donker

...and wild child....She would run and stab her stick into the ground and jump.  

Scout plays in the water............

While Cricket piddles.

Our wanderings led us by the back side of the park so we stopped there and played for a while.

Then back on the trail again.  It was starting to get dark and chilly again.
We stopped on this little bridge and I told them to stand back to back like this.  Iley says "don't smile!  We gotta act cool"

 But she can't keep a straight face to save her life!

 Wren, ever the hugger........"I just love you so much!"

 Impatiently waiting for her bagel to pop up.

First time playing battle ship.  She was so excited and nervous.... and distraught when her ship got hit!  She went from this position to laying down, to sitting on the back of the couch, nearly squeezing my head off several times when the excitement got too intense..........sheesh!  I felt like I had been through a war by the time we were done!  Iley and I lost by ONE move to Dad and Wren.

 I love how their Daddy loves them and helps them with getting ready for bed and washing their hair.  He's a keeper for sure!

 Such a bratty, come alive at bedtime, Cricket look!

 Look at those crusty elbows!  This child has the MOST DRY skin EVER!

Lotion lotion and more lotion!!  She HATES lotion too, poor thing.  Serious sensory issues with this one.  Having to put on her clothes before the lotion dries about sends her over the edge.  Clothes that are scratchy she can't handle.  I'm not as sympathetic as I probably should be, but I did give in with the leggings with the metallic thread in them.....after a half hour she was still walking spraddle legged with a grimace on her face.  Ok Ok, go change! Good grief.