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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, October 16, 2017

Isaac's Wedding

These pictures were all taken at or on the weekend of Isaac and Nicoles wedding.  We drove straight there from Colorado for the wedding.  We were greeted by these handsome guys.  Ash had been over at the park trying to keep Finn entertained while Ella did all the flowers.  Thatcher was the best man and they were both helping in the wedding too, so we didn't see much of them.  We were helping with the kids the whole time so didn't even get a picture of the bride and groom!  I just photographed who I was chasing at the moment!  

Dawsyn is the only one of the babies that Wren likes.  She tolerates the others but she would rather not.  

Bub looking spiffy all ready to pull the wagon with the Dawsyn and Isaac's little girl addeline.

Sherman loving on Dawsie.  She is forever being snatched up by someone!

Who me?

Aunt Kait getting him all fixed up.  That is her handsome guy Alex beside her.

We sat right behind this little 3 person circus.  Kept us entertained.

He tries to be's just hard and no fun!

Isaac's family.

The girls waiting patiently for this wedding to start.  They are pretty sure they might die first.

Sherman is totally picking on Iley......which is evidently amusing Brentley.

I didn't take pictures during the wedding, I didn't want to get in the photographers way.  The rest of these are afterwards while we are chasing the babies.

They look like they're on a mission.

Finn loves Dawsyn, sometimes Dawsyn isn't as reciprocating.  I don't need help thank you very much.

Finn was so pleased to be able to sit on the car!

All dressed up at the same place.......gotta snap a few pictures!

Of course he found the water!

I wonder how many times they all ran up and down this ramp!

The little cutie in the pink dress is Isaac's little sister.

They had no regard whatsoever of their finery!

This made me laugh cause it reminded me of how everyone in China piles on the tiniest motorized vehicle.

They were unimpressed by Finn's help pushing them.

Being the germ freak that I am....NOT......I snapped this picture of them delightedly sharing the remains of a can of root beer they found at the top of the play area.  Then went and confiscated it....amid much protest, they did NOT see the problem.....and dumped it.

Wren, always posing.

Finn decided to crawl underneath to see what the view was like from that angle.

Hi guys!  Can you see me?

Brentley thinking he might want to check it out too.  Papaw is still holding on so no one spins it and gets their head cracked.

Time to take this bunch home to bed!  Nanna and Papaw are pooped!

uh's getting away!

Good thing it's a sleepy little western town with almost no traffic at this time of day.

A few people danced....most just stood around talking.

The next favorite time.......when all the kids come over and hang out and drink coffee and talk.  this is at Ash and Ella's.  Brentley was not feeling good.  I think he ended up throwing up a couple of times.

We were all talking, not paying much attention to the kids........Dawsyn was in the kitchen eating all the icing and goodies out of the cinnamon roll pan.  She pushed this little stool up there and was delightedly helping herself.  Since her mom and dad were there, I decided to just snap pictures :)

hmmm......maybe I can get more with this thing.

uh oh, they're watching.
Good stuff!

Oh No!  Dad's coming, get the last bite in quick!


He's yelling NOOOOOOOOO!  Just cause I want to take his picture.

This face!!!!!!!  A classic Finn look!  So ornery!  He looks just like his mamma in this picture!

They are a lively bunch and make me tired, but man they are sweet and so adorable!  Love em all so much and their awesome parents.