Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just Iley

Not because she's the favorite!  But because she likes it and cooperates.  Wren is BORED with photoshoots.  So unless I insist, she ops out.  I needed a model to practice on with my new camera lens.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Just The Girls, Just For Fun

Just because their hair was washed and they were dressed cute... I mean those furry vests deserve their own photo shoot right?!  We were already out for Wren's school program, so they were at my mercy.

They started getting silly and posing their own way.  Fine with me!  Better than the frozen statues above!

 I told Iley to put her arm around Wren......She said "cause we are best friends forever right?"  I said that's right!  Sisters are forever friends!

Iley was already freezing so she let Wren do all the snowball throwing.  She was an appreciative audience though.  The snowballs would bust and slide across the ice.

Being silly........but they were amusing themselves, which means they cooperated longer!  Wren quit signing "bored" " home now"  at least.

The noisy one is squawking about something.........always.

Wren plopped herself down on this bench and posed herself.

Monday, December 19, 2016

December 2016

Such an original catchy title huh!  And it's also somewhat untrue.  These actually start the week before Thanksgiving.  We sent all the kids to Quinter to stay with brothers and sisters for several days before Thanksgiving.  While the house was quiet and clean, I was inspired to decorate for Christmas.  We had fun buying a tree and putting up lights to surprise them when they got home.


Ella found this cute little kitchen unit for cheap on nextech classifieds out near us, so we picked it up one our way to Quinter.  Finn loved it.....although his use of it was not it's original design.

Lets try getting up here this way.  This child is crazy strong.  He basically did a chin up.

 If I go around here maybe this will work!


Such an angelic "looking" little monkey!!

 over and over and over

 He's a little adrenaline junky!

Aunt Iley was outside playing in the leaves with Finn.  Aunt Wren still wasn't feeling great.  Over the Thanksgiving break, we all ended up with the stomach bug except for Iley and Troy.  Thatcher's bunch were sick while I was feeling ok, so I didn't get any pictures of them.  By the time they were feeling better, I had crashed with it.

Iley and Finn both love the swing, but Wren and Brentley won't go near it.

 Ready, set.....


The boys were making a valiant effort to play this game with the girls.  Iley sort of got the hang of it, but I'm not sure Wren ever totally understood.  She kept trying to cheat, and would get mad when they told her no you can't do that.  But I love that they were trying, and spending time with them.

Snug as two bugs in a rug.

My latest victim photo model.

Homework drudgery.

 Eating at Chipotle before heading to Wren's school roller skating party.

 Cleaning every last drop of Guacamole off her fork with the chip.  They both love guac!  won't touch an olive, but weird mushy green stuff is no problem? 

They had so much fun!  and so did I!!  Brought back SO MANY memories of growing up.  Gwen, Lorene, Marcia and me spent hours roller skating.

 Wren is in the middle in the pink leggings.

 They didn't set any speed records, but both of them did really well.  I was a mean mom and wouldn't let them get one of the training carts like the little girl above has.  But they won't ever learn if they don't let go and just do it.

 One of Her friends.  Marcella??  I think, but not sure....I know her name sign, but not her name :(

Now it's Christmas time at our house with all of our kiddos.  Little miss Dawsie Ree, or Roo, or Alice (that's her aunt Kait's), or Daws, or Diva, or Princess, or Shriek......she has many monikers depending on who is talking to her.

Dawsyn and Finn.......probably wanting the same toy.  She almost always loses the fight.....but not without letting her feelings about it be known!  Hence the name shriek!

 Uncle Sherman was playing combine (bombine) videos on his phone for Finn.  Dawsie was interested for a little bit.  But mostly she just likes to be held.  She reminds me so much of her daddy!  We used to call him our lap ornament.

 Who me?

 Now I'm bored so I'll just poke the screen and mess it up.

 They were all so cute lined up on the bed watching a cartoon!   I had to RUN fast and grab my camera before Finn bailed.  He didn't last long.  He was kicked out.  It's a little distracting to watch a show with someone bouncing all over! :)

 Morning snuggles with Daddy.  He's such a Daddy's boy.

  Part of the girls' Christmas this year was redoing their bedroom a little.  Before it was just 2 twin mattresses on the floor with tan comforters.  Boooooring!  They did already have the pink curtains, and the bedspread on the bottom bunk was the first one I bought for them......before we had to separate them into twin beds for sanity's sake. So new sheets and fuzzy blankets that fit and a quilt for the top bunk.  We brought in the round chair, Wren got it for a birthday gift a couple years ago.  A lamp for the corner so she can read her comics, and a cubby unit for their stuff.

We moved their doll bunk beds in here so their friends would quit sitting on them or stepping on them for a step stool.  

There's pictures of their reaction later.  We had them open all their presents first.

Dawsie and the Aunties, getting her all dolled up for the day.  It was a two person job!

Seriously people is all this necessary? she says. pffft my opinion.

I'll grab the brush over here.......
 and drop it on the floor......

But now I sure look cute!

The boys both wanted foot wear.  Tennis shoes for Sherm and boots for Harrison.

 Yep...he's gone country....

 Drill bits, socks, and lots of beef jerky for Ash.

 New boots.

I enlisted the neighbor's help to surprise Troy.  He's nearly impossible to surprise.  I borrowed cash from her and paid her back after I gave him the chair (one he'd been wanting from IKEA).  We stored it in their garage and went and got it right before we gave it to him.......notice the shut blinds?  

 I was inside the room ready to snap pictures of the girls when they came in.    Everything is a little pink because of the pink curtains.

Wren was spinning for joy!

  I think they liked it. Their big sisters and I had fun getting it ready while they watched a movie in the basement.  Their brothers put the shelf unit together.

After lunch they all headed out to play in the snow.  Ash thought he had to try snowboarding down the hill.........and quickly decided it wasn't worth the effort of strapping it on and hiking back up.

 One of the neighbors was snow blowing and making a lovely arc of snow.

They didn't plan on snow so didn't pack any snow gear for Brentley.  He was determined to go out and play in it, so we dug out Iley's snow suit and gloves, and borrowed shoes from the neighbors.  Good thing he's too little to care what color his outfit is! :)
 He was quite pleased!

 Sherm and Ash gave Zyann and Ziarre a push.

Of course Wren had to give shoveling a try.

His poor hands were helpless, but at least they were warm.

Headed into the snow storm.

Wren stops and decides to take cover.  SO typical of her!

Thatcher jumped Wren........So typical of him!

 Finn had been watching out the window, begging to go out!  That looked way too fun to be inside.  He didn't have snow clothes either so his mom put socks on his hands and out he went.  She wasn't far behind.  I knew she wouldn't be able to resist.


 He LOVED it!

 Thatcher's laughing because she's headed for a parked car!  These two have no mercy on each other.

August and Brentley.  August was so excited to see Brentley.  He told his mom "my friend Brentley is here."

Thatcher giving them a safer ride.

 Finn and Varick.  August and Varick are brothers and live right next to us.  Their mom was the neighbor in on Troy's gift.  

Bub was in time out.  But he looked so cute sitting least Neena and Aunt Kate thought so.  Mamma wasn't so charmed.  I asked if I could hold him while he sat and she said NO. Ok mom fine. :)  It's hard enough to parent let alone deal with the grandparents while you do! Hee hee.

Adrenaline junky flying high again.  He loved it and would say "gin" "gin"

 Iley was flopped in the chair and Brentley was trying to get her to let him up there with her....

 She was not impressed!

 I got a pair of cute fuzzy slippers from Thatcher's and a beautiful handmade boxwood wreath from Ella and Ash.  Kait got us each a really cute book on how to babysit a grandma, and grandpa.  The boys spent their own money and got a flashlight for Troy, and a set of earbuds for me.  Troy got me the best I've been wanting......a new camera lens!!!  I felt totally spoiled this year.  It is always, fast and furious, a grand mass chaos......but so fun and flies by.  What a blessing to have family, and friends.  To be safe and well fed, and warm.  Many blessings to all of you too!  Have a wonderful Christmas season.