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Monday, November 14, 2016

October/November Catch Up

Apologies in advance for the huge mass of photos.

We decided to go to an event at our neighbors Church instead of going door to door trick or treating.  Admission was 1 bag of candy. There were blow up jump houses and a corn maze, petting zoo and a hay ride. We thought it would be a small event.......we were wrong!  There were over 2,500 people there!  This is the line for the trunk or treat.  People came and parked in a line and decorated their trunks.  We don't really like taking the girls trick or treating....lots of creepy things....but it's hard when all their neighborhood friends are going, and come over before hand to show off their costumes and to see what you are wearing.......  Not sure what we will do next year, this was a lot of standing in line.  Not so fun.

My family are my practice say they are unenthusiastic would be an understatement......long suffering yes.  Iley doesn;t mind so much, but the other two thought it was a waste of time.

Harrison helped the girls carve their pumpkins.  And as per the norm.....we are never alone if we are outside.  We can count on several of the neighborhood kids to drift in.  The girls think it's grand.  Mom sometimes gets a little weary.  But they are a good bunch of kids and we love them all.

Anthony, always good for some drama!

Here Wren, want to taste it? He is the instigator of all their play, and they usually just go along with it.  When a couple of the other kids who also like to run the show come over, then the sparks start to fly!

OOPS!!! The pumpkin rolled away!  Iley shrieked my pumpkin, my poor pumpkin...while Anthony ran after it!

 Varrick, our little neighbor right next door was very interested!

Another Model call..........and while compliant, he was less than thrilled. 

Cricket is always willing and chirping.  If you can get her to stand still long enough.

They still ride these cars together!  Best purchase ever!

 Our cute little neighbors.

I bribed Harrison and the girls to go with me to find good places for a photo shoot I was getting ready to do with Anthony, Ronan and their mom.  I'll post a couple  of their pictures later.  About 5 minutes into our walk, Harrison was wishing he'd stayed home....but if I pull just one of Iley's hairs things will liven up!

 Or if I pretend to throw her in the lake....that should be good for a few shrieks!

 Lots of pretty places!

 We are SOOOOO over this mom!

Our beautiful neighbors who live directly behind us, and know us well......we don't close our curtains often......They keep an eye on things while we are gone.  Love them.

They have such gorgeous eyes!

Saturday helping Dad at the shop......well some were helping.

 Iley always comes bursting in the door shucking her book bag in a mad dash to the bathroom....every. single. day.

A weekend visit to Kansas to kiss all our sweet babies.
Princess Dawsee

 She was quite pleased to have the kitchen all to herself.

 Her little apron was kyndahls when she was little.

 Sit right here and let Neena take your picture!  He's like why?? This is boring.  So he'd get up and I'd chase him, and he'd cackle and he'd come back.  So while it looks like he just sat here and let me take me he did NOT.

Let's try something else.  Lets line all your cars up and you lay here and I'll take your picture with them.  He thought that was cool......for 30 seconds, snap fast!

Always moving.....on to the next adventure.

 Look! Finn and Aunt Ella are here.

 These two......lovin one minute......and stealing toys from each other the next.

 Finn looks like he's saying "really dude, enough already!"

 These steps are big for short little legs.

Morning bed head.  Oh how he loves his Daddy!

 The princess on her throne of choice....a lap.

This baby is not afraid of anything!!  He hangs on like a little monkey and chortles gleefully. 

Iley tried it and was so so with it.  Brentley tried it and WANTED to like it, but it was just too scary.  I couldn't get far enough away from him to take a picture.

 I'll do it again please!

Where one goes, they both go......wouldn't want to miss anything!

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