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Friday, October 7, 2016

Festivals and Festivities

Hows that for festive title? I'm not sure what to title this post. It's such a conglomeration (hey I actually spelled that right the first time...take that spell check Nazi with your red squiggles) of events. We'll start with the Green Chile Festival in Pueblo.  

Headed out.

Harrison escaped because he was sitting directly behind me and I couldn't get him. 

This would have been your view as a child.  A sea of legs.  No wonder they were all bored.  Not much of a view.

They brought in chiles by the pallets.

Roasted them over fires.........

And sold them  by the bushel.  This wise man chose to carry the baby and put the steaming chiles in the stroller.

Happiness is chocolate ice cream that cost roughly the price of a small car....Ok maybe not that much, but seriously, $12.00 for two ice cream cones is crazy.

They ate ice cream and watched some kids playing chase.......

They watched.......

People jumping.......but had no desire to try it themselves.

Saturday morning, playing amongst the debris, scattered like fallen leaves after a whirlwind.  Troy asks why don't you make all the kids pick up before they leave.........well that's easier said than done.  Some flat out  resist picking up, some are skilled at vanishing, some have reasons not to, that would put a lawyer to shame,  some have selective hearing, suddenly no one knows WHO got the toys out, or WHERE they go.  They stand there looking at the rubble with a bewildered look.......and if I don't stand there and direct traffic, they drift outside.........and home to supper....and then bedtime.....and some days I'm up to the fight.......and some days.......not.  

These are at the airport on the way to our niece Fran, and her fiance' Sheldon's wedding.

Harrison is very protective of his little sisters.  He went back and forth, back and forth.  Bless him.

Iley can't sit still for more than a minute at a time.  She sat in that chair in about every position possible in about a 5 minute stretch.

They were SO excited to fly!  The last time they flew was to Outerbanks 2 months after they came home from China.  They must have been in so much stress that they totally forgot it. 

We got to keep this sweet busy babe while his Mamma helped with the flowers for the wedding.

The babies all adore Iley.........she has mixed feelings about them.  While she kind of likes them, she's also jealous of the attention they get, and the time they take from Mom and Grandma K.

 Even though his toes barely touched the ground, he could move this little car all over.

He's always a split second rescue away from falling on his noggin.

Who me?

He crawled up on the car all by himself......we were sure he'd fall, but he didn't.

He crawled up on the swings by himself.  Using every tool at hand....or should I say foot.

He pulled all the mats off the swings and walked on them, put them on his head, put them back on the swings, took them off again.....

laid on them.........for about 3 seconds.

These were after the wedding....I didn't take one picture at the wedding because I was getting the girls ready, making sure they were where they were supposed to be, getting their flower crowns on, to  do their bell ringing job.  They were adorable!  I hope I get some pictures from someone else.  Then afterwards I chased Finn while his Mamma and Pappa helped in the kitchen.  And I do mean chased......literally!  The boy was on the move, never stopping.

This is back at Mom and Dads.  Finn's Dad was VERY sternly correcting something he'd just done........

This is his highly remorseful face! Ha ha!  Oh this boy.......his daddy deserves him :)

This sums up their relationship!  

Uncle Ash and Brentley.

More cuteness!

Those dimples in the elbows!

This baby girl was running a fever and quite cranky!  But looking adorable as usual.

My Father.....always freezing.  The rest of us went out to the porch to cool off.

Off to find adventures.

Still riding the gator... Now taking the next generation of gator reckers a ride...I wonder how many fences they ran into, mud puddles they drove through, and dents grandpa fixed in the first gator.  He finally actually trusts them to drive it......I think.

Papaw and the princess.
Love them both!




And then it was time to go home again........on a plane....with  the babies.  We wondered how it would go....we prepared.....and prayed.......and they did great.  Thank you Lord.

We got there 2 hrs early...cause we didn't want to be running through the airport with this crew.  Plenty of time to watch the planes.

and jump off the ledge.

Nice job Brentley.

We made slow progress wherever we went.

Front row seats on the subway.  Brentley wasn't too sure about it.  The girls loved it.

Iley's school mascot is the cowboys.  They were supposed to dress up.  The rope was her idea.

Waiting on the bus, shadow play.

That's all.....until the next tsunami of photos. 

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  1. It has been a while since I last took time to sit and read blogs and I loved reading and seeing all your photos! As usual, I loved every photo! Your family is beautiful!