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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, October 17, 2016

Dawsyn Marie's 1st Birthday Party

Dawsee Ree is 1. A cuter 1 year old would be hard to find.  She is sweet and spunky and oh so darling. Happy Birthday sweet baby.  We are blessed to be your Nanna and Papaw.

 Some of the cute decorations.

We made a very quick trip to Quinter for this sweet baby's party.  We got there at 5:15 and left by 9:00 ish.  It was a crazy fun madhouse of kids and babies.  I think there were 11 kids under 9 years old.  We had planned to stay overnight and head home in the morning in time for Wren to go to a friends birthday party but things were a bit crazy.  Isaac had ended up in the hospital with a perforated appendix and surgery and fever resulting.  Nicole had just had a baby 2 days before and had lost her good friend from highschool in a car wreck, and was moving to a different house.  She was feeling a little overwhelmed, and emotional, so Ella said you go to bed, I'm staying with you and taking care of Adeline.  Thatcher was headed to Hays to the hospital to stay with Isaac so Carrie could come home and sleep.  We decided we would only add to the stress and headed home.  What a blessing to have vehicles that make it possible.

 A cute little rooster.

 Maybe I can sneak up and get his phone!

 Taking Mickey for a ride.

 sunshine and curls

 Aunt Kate turned her upside down.....look at all that hair!

 Ella was keeping Kline while his parents were at their communion service at church.  He wasn't too sure about any of us!  He is such a little home body.  We all just wanted to love on him, but he would cry if we looked at him.  Poor little guy.

I'm sure the roller skates were necessary?

 Dawsyn is such a chill baby!  Just a swingin!

 Brentley thought it was so funny to try to grab Iley as she went by.

 This guy drives like he does everything!  Full speed ahead.

 oops!  Full speed off the end of the pavement.  Which he thought was quite funny.

 She's looking at me!  Where can I hide?

A special guest appearance by the brand new Adeline Grace.  Isaac and Nicole's new sweetie.

 Cake time!  She polished off more than half of it.

 Hey! where did my cake go?

Time to open gifts.

 Slippers.......lets see if they taste good.

Kline finally started warming up at the end of the night.

 These pictures were all taken just while Dawsyn was opening her gifts.  Finn was back here eating with his dad........then back in the living room.......

See him behind the couch?

 Now he's on the couch.

 Now he's checking out the car.....he'd just managed to spill his water all over himself.

 Brentley LOVED the little gas pump!!  Dawsyn won't have to worry about running out of gas.

 I'm guessing that key is going to go missing soon.  That was the first thing she pulled out.

 Now he's back having dessert with Dad.


  1. Another Adeline Grace!! Jennifer

  2. Beautiful children and grandchildren, Judy! And, as always your photography is lovely and in each photo you catch sweet details.

  3. Happy Birthday to Dawsyn! I just love all those curls! You have beautiful grand babies!