Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Ordinary Days

Ordinary days. Good Days.  Nothing exciting, but also nothing bad. Good days.

I was outside checking out a rainbow and happened to catch the boys driving up.  Always a relief to see them safely home.

I'm pretty sure our neighbors are rich now.

This is part of the pack that runs on our corner.  They are minus 5 of them.

Wren was pulling the 2 cars tied together while the bikers zig zagged in front of them trying not to get the middle of the street.....on a hill!  Seems like a safe sport.

 Then it was Iley's turn to pull.  She wasn't impressed.  But what goes around comes around.

Some just for fun pictures of the girls.  There are more of Iley than Wren because Iley actually likes to model, and Wren does NOT see the point.  She lasts for 5 minutes tops so you better shoot fast.

A few with her glasses off so I can see her eyes.

A quick trip to Quinter to see these sweet faces.  The boys were going out to Dove hunt, so I told them I was coming along to go baby hunting.  

Papaw and Dawsee Ree.

Cousin Grace and Dawsyn.

 Under the table looking out the window.

 I've been over.

Out for a walk around the farm.  Checking out progress on the trench for water to the goat pen.

 Aunt Kait gave Dawsyn a short ride on the bike.  It was too hard to pedal with a low tire.

 Brentley and Iley swinging.

He was supposed to be sweeping the dirt off but he kept adding more chunks and crumbling them up.

 Who me??