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Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend With the Whole Crew

The Bigs  came out from Q town to spend the weekend with us.  Love having them and their sweet babies here.  For a few days it is grand chaos, kissing babies, tripping over toys, diapers and a feeding frenzy.  Wren and Iley love having them all here, but they struggle with jealousy of the time and affection.....mostly the adoration...that I give the babies.  They instinctively know that they didn't have what these babies have.  They want it.  It is extremely hard to act the same way to a 9 year old as it is to a toddler or baby.  But it is what they need sometimes.  I try to be intentional with them, and give them extra attention, but it is so tiring and I get grumpy and fail so often.  Lord help me to love them as they deserve and need to be loved!

Finn is SOOO in love with his mamma!  He loves his daddy too, but he's IN love with his mamma.  I think it's safe to say the feeling is mutual.....except maybe at 2am.......?  This picture was taken before I gave 5 men and 2 babies haircuts.

Thatcher and all the babes.

Daddy and his babies.  

The boys watching Papaw cook breakfast.

Wren also LOVES her sister Ella.

Do you see the amount of drink vessels in this picture!  The kitchen counter seemed to be filled with all sorts the entire weekend.  No one should have been dehydrated.

These two are forever bonding over food.  

Seven haircuts later......

 My handsome hubby.  He was amazing help all weekend! Cooking, AND cleaning up.

5 men and two boys got their haircut. The princess just wasn't going to be left out :)  Love them all!  Pray for the couch...........LOL.

Looking adorable while eating a cookie.

Look Aunt Gwen, his Kewpie doll face.

He had to stop and wipe his hands.  

The little bottom feeder that cleaned all the crumbs up.  Looking darling as usual.

Stroller malfunction......screech until someone comes!

Saturday afternoon we loaded everyone, their strollers, diaper bags, pacifiers, snacks, toilet paper  and drinks up and headed up the mountain to hike.  Everyone was needing to get OUT.
 This baby is such a good natured little charmer!  But if you cross her, she has a screech that would shatter glass!  It is the most high pitched, earsplitting screech.......but it gets answered immediately!

Good thing Finn doesn't scare easy!  He had a bit of a wild ride!

 Which didn't faze him a bit.

Checking out the competition?  Ready, set, .......GO!

Stroller race......the kids loved it.  The boys found out how out of shape they were.

We didn't set any speed records on our walk.

But we might have won the cutest award if anyone was giving them out.

This walking stuff is getting boring, lets stop and play in the dirt.

"Nanna, My hold jew"  Sure you can hold me.

 This pretty much sums up Wrens feelings on walking in the sun.

We looked like a tour group!  

We found a sandy place for the kids to wade.  Finn LOVED it!!  Brentley would get in for a little bit then get out.  Iley said "come on Brentley, get in."  He says "No, itsa cold!" 

 Such a darling little bundle of energy and joy.

Dawsee Ree was sacked out.

Ash had a full time job keeping up with Finn.  He has zero fear, and went charging off into the big rocks, would have tumbled over the waterfall, was here and there and back again.

Sleeping Beauty!

Miss sassy face......Kyn looks a little bored in the back ground.

Washing the sand off his hands.

Then immediately back in the sand..........

.......then wash them again......over and over.

 Still on the move!

Checking out the nails.

 oh look a stick.......

 swish the stick in the water.......

 The princess woke up.

Wren wanted me to take a picture of her on her bed.

They got tired of wading and wanted to do something else.

Dad was trying to show them how to balance on the stump.

 Wren signed ocean, waves.

 Such a good mamma....and another baby who is in love.

Is someone finally wearing out?  

 The boys were trying to make a dam.


My done fwimming.

Some parts of the trail were not made for strollers.

Thatch walked under the trail through this big pipe.

I think she was being sassy Ella's never sassy and got her hiney pinched here I'm sure she didn't deserve it.

 His shorts were wet, so he rode back in his undies.  I love this age.....that neck and ears!  mmmm.

 Giving directions from up top.  This way Unca  Hrrson.

 Sunday morning......they all found Nanna....and her donut.  

It's the most pleasant diet plan....definitely didn't get much to MY mouth. The mirror behind me got turned around during a card game the night before.

His bib looked more like a cape than a bib........cutest little super hero.

 These's no wonder their child is super charged! 

 All this is going on while Kyndahl and Thatch are packed and ready to go home.  This was all in about a 15 minute time frame.
Starting his mower.

 It always takes more than one pull ya know.

He's beating her back up the hill.....she is even more competitive than he is!

 The reason he is fearless?

They needed a push back up the hill.

While some are playing....some are working.........

 Pesky mower....ran out of gas.

Start it back up.

Papaw and the babies.  He was holding Dawsyn and Finn wanted up cause he loves Dawsee so much!
And then it was time to say good bye again........until the next time.  

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