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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Fun With Friends

The water park in town.  You will meet a diverse group of humanity here.  Every color, and ethnicity. We went with our neighbors who live directly behind us.  My girls love playing with their boys. 

Love this one! Anthony and the girls.

Ronan is another Iley!  Always finding the warm comfy place.....and snacks.

 How many kids can you crowd under one water umbrella?  Wren is in there.

I think there was a slight scuffle going on here.

It got a little more heated and the girls backed out.

Sheila, the boy's mom, brought the umbrellas and snacks.  My girls thought both were awesome!

Iley was on her way back from walking August, our neighbor right beside us, home. It was raining....what a perfect excuse for an umbrella and boots....and you know we wouldn't want him to get wet!

 Just a typical summer morning.  Iley gets up and immediately puts on her glasses, I usually have to make Wren put hers on.

I think I may have already posted these somewhere earlier, but wanted them in on the summer fun post so I can find them. These are the same two friends, Anthony and Ronan plus the little guy in the yellow shirt, Sammie,  we just had tea and dessert at his house with his mom and a couple of neighbors. The sweet boy in the blue shirt was already at the park and was generously pushing them.

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  1. The water park looks like so much fun and of course, you always have the best photos!