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Thursday, August 4, 2016

An Hour on the Front Porch

On the way home from vacation, we stopped through Kansas to collect all of Shermans stuff from Ash and Ella's where he'd been staying and working all summer.......But lets be honest.....the MAIN reason was to kiss these babies!  The are SOOOO CUTE, and BUSY!!!  Love them and their mamas and daddies to pieces!  But the driver said 1 hour, then we have to go.  Bossy heartless man ;)  Not really, I guess he DOES have to work. But an hour just isn't enough time to soak in their personalities, and quirks, and kiss and hold them....and of course take pictures....think how long this blog post would be if I'd had more time!  You can thank Troy for it's shortness :)

Mr. Finn, the tiny tornado, digging in the flower bed while holding on to his much coveted, by Brentley, paintbrush.

Now he's trying out Dawsyn's drink.....cause you know it might be better, and it looks different so that's cool.

Brentley looking angelic....... he's not always.........but he LOOKS angelic :)

And of course dealing with toddlers always include snacks.

 Dawsee trying out cousin Finn's drink.  Hey, families care and share right? I'm pretty sure all the drinks were tried by the youngest 2.  Brentley stuck to his juice.

He tried to be patient......but Finn just would not put down that paint brush, so he tried a little coercion......but mama caught him and said , oh no you don' he's a very sad tigger.

The oblivious owner of the coveted paintbrush.

SCORE!!!  He finally put it down!!  Happy day.

Because everyone needs to brush the dirt with a paintbrush you know.

And Dawsee Ree with her little whale spout top, always close to mama. Is she not the cutest thing!

The elusive Harrison. I have missed these big boys this summer!  Not their laundry and shoes laying around......but THEM!

These are terrible quality pictures, but I absolutely love them! 

  She can hold a bottle by herself.........but if you can look cute and get someone else to....

This one power snacks on the go!  Stopped by mama to grab a slurp, but didn't sit.

 No you can't have the paintbrush back, but I'll share my snack with you.

 He made off with Dawsyn's bottle again! LOL.  I don't think he even really liked it.

Aunt Iley was so good with them.!  Aunt Wren disappeared inside most of the time to look at books.  She doesn't do babies.  They might touch her with their slobbery hands.  She likes to smile at them and make them laugh, and will bring them things, but don't touch me.

Checking out all the leftover snacks.  She ate more than a few gold fish crumbs scavenged from amongst the dirt.


Not sure if she was chewing on mulch or a goldfish cracker.
Brentley has a stick going pow pow, and Finn is a VERY appreciative audience!  Oh the trouble I see in the future!  

It "appears" like a deep involved conversation....Finn looks propped up listening.... so funny.

Talking to Uncle Sherman.  Finn's back in the flower bed again.  His mama wisely left this flower bed empty of flowers....since by now it would be empty of flowers anyway.

And then it was time to go :(   It was a short and sweet visit.  I did stop snapping pictures and squeeze them all any time they got close enough.  But they are so busy, they really didn't appreciate it.

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