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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, August 22, 2016

Nicole's Baby Shower

Isaac lived with us for a few months, and he's been friends with Thatcher for a long time.  We have gotten to know his sweet girlfriend Nicole, and I wanted to be part of this special welcome for their little daughter to be.  I drove out for the shower....and back in one day.  A long day, but there are some awfully cute sweet faces on the other end of that drive.  

The shower case I forget when I get to the babies.......It was in Isaac's older sister, Carrie's back yard.

I got there early so went to Thatcher and Kyndahls first.  Dawsyn was sleeping the whole time so I didn't get to see her until after the shower for just  a few minutes before I left.  I didn't get any pictures of her since I was too busy holding her and kissing on her.

Cutest little driver around!

 Finn was ON THE MOVE the entire time.  I just followed him around and kept him from killing himself, and snapped pictures.  He was checking out this little thing I know he had climbed on all by himself!

These two spend their time fussing over the same toy...the toy that neither of them wants until the other one has it.  Then it suddenly becomes irresistible.

This pretty much sums up my view the whole evening

He had spotted the mower and was on a mission.

He had several pieces of watermelon.......eating all but the green part with much relish and mess.

The much coveted by all.......4 wheeler.  The battery didn't work so they had to push it to make it go.

More watermelon

....and more watermelon....

a scuffle over the 4wheeler.

Icing on the face.

He was SO determined to push her!  It wasn't easy to push.....but he managed to do it.

Lots of grunting.....

 Now you've got it!

The little girl is Carrie and Isaac's youngest sister Lexi.  This is only a small view of the evening.  I didn't sit down the whole time except to eat quickly.  But it was so much fun to kiss on and watch these two.  Next time hopefully I will see more of Dawsee Ree.   

Monday, August 15, 2016

First Day of School 2016-17

Iley is the first one up at 6:10 and on the bus at 6:50.  It is really hard in the winter when we are getting up in the dark.

Off she goes with her back pack full of supplies that weighed as much as she did.  I was afraid she'd fall backwards down the bus steps!

I had to threaten these two with their lives to get a picture.......well maybe not that bad, but they weren't excited about it.

Then this happened........I don't like it, but I can't stop it.  They really need to stop growing up!

Really mom?  enough already.

 There goes a piece of my heart.....2 pieces to be exact.  Lord protect them... from evil, physically, mentally and spiritually!  Man I love these boys.  They are such awesome kids.

 Iley is also the first one home at 2:45.......the first day the bus was very late.  I had an interesting conversation with a 3 year old waiting for his sister.....all about going to the goose poop park...yep it was a boy.

 This may have been what made him think of it.

She had a good first day.  She has a male teacher this year.......he's somewhere between her oldest brothers and younger ones in age.  His first year teaching. Hopefully he will make up in enthusiasm what he lacks in experience.  So far she likes him.  He is from Pennsylvania...a long way from home!  His name is Stoltzfus rhymes with moose.  

Wren didn't start until Monday after the others went back on Thurs.  She was very bored. She drove mom very crazy. She watched very many movies. 
She also doesn't like to stand still for pictures, so you will only see 3.

Unfortunately Wrens teacher wasn't at the registration day, and she can't tell me much about her.  She showed me her name sign, but that doesn't tell me her name.  So all I got out of her was that she had fun.