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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Photo shoot on the Beach

It should say photo shoot on the beach with less that willing participants.  They knew they didn't REALLY have a choice, but they managed to amuse themselves and each other anyway...

They look sweet and Innocent, right?  Don't let that fool you!  The boys were both making groaning sick cow noises.  If you know them, you can tell they are about to.......

........amuse themselves a little too much and lose it.

 Ok, never mind, lets move on to the beach.

I yelled hey guys stop and turn around!  I think Sherman is signing "peace".

Sherman! Quit talking!!

I didn't realize what Harrison was doing until AFTER I snapped this picture.  This is what you have to look forward to at some point if you have more than one boy in your house!!  Mark my words.  The total amusement of his brother is the best part!  He KNEW I didn't know what Harrison was doing and found it hysterical.  They were like "mom, I  can't believe you took that picture!"  I was innocent people!

 I think it's interesting that Wren is always by Harrison, and Iley is always by Sherman.  I didn't tell them to do that.

 Look at Sherman's hand.  He's about to, or just got done smacking his brother, all while looking innocent.

 I said "act NATURAL"  be careful what you say, you just might get it!  I said just "talk" to each other....."so Iley, How ya doin?"  yep.

Can I throw her in?   NOOOOO!!

 Wren's hair is crazy thick!  It looks like it is wrapped around Harrison's arm like a live thing.

Wren with her very best pose going on. Ok, DONE!  I give up!

 Iley was running in place here so sh didn't get in front of Wren!  It was so funny.

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  1. Oh my goodness, what wonderful photos! I would be laughing so hard at those boys that I wouldn't be able to hold the camera still! I love beach photos!