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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Outer Banks 2016

Sorry to store up pictures for so long and then dump them all on you at once!  There are 150+ pictures in this post, so feel free to skim :)

The girls heading to the beach the for the first time.  They barely remember being here 4 years ago.

                    4 years ago they were much smaller!                                

4 years ago they stepped off the board walk and froze.  They had no clue how to walk in sand.

This year they took off running ahead of us.

4 Years ago the ocean was big and scary, and it felt much safer holding Dad's hand.....

This year the ocean was still big and scary and it felt safer holding Dad's least for a while.

They had no fear at all as long as some one was holding on to them.

 This was the family camped next to us on the beach's little girl.  She sat there happily playing for the longest time, oblivious to everyone and everything around her.

 Trying to fill her bucket with water, she got more than she bargained for.

 Mom and Dad's house, Skip Jack, is the one in the middle.
 Our path to the beach.

Keeping sissy cool at the beach.

They LOVED cousin Fran!  Iley chatted her leg off, and Wren told her multiple times a day that she was beautiful. They shared a room with her and felt like big stuff.  I'm not sure Fran felt quite as lucky! One morning she woke up with both of them staring at her!  

Just some CUTE faces.

Oh the sandy little hands!  Such cute little hands though!

Such a mamma's girl!

But Daddy's pretty fun too!

Sunbathing beauty.

This pretty much sums up babies at the beach!

View from the top deck.



Behind us to the West.

Playing goalie for the coasters Wren was rolling.

Go fish with Dad and sister Kyndahl.

 Movie time after supper.  

A little therapeutic coloring.....hello kitty, and my little pony..... 

 Some one stole Unca Sherman's bandanna.

I'm sure we were solving the worlds problems here....if they'd just ask our opinion, we could help!

Cape Hatteras Light House.

The sunglasses were definitely helping don't ya think?  They wore them like this most of the time.  But they were quite pleased they have sunglasses.

Waiting our turn to go up the lighthouse.  Wren didn't understand that we had a specific time that we were supposed to go up and kept worrying that all those people were getting in front of us, and what are we waiting on!! Every one else is going, Let's go. As soon as we got to the top she walked around once and was done and ready to come back down.

Trying to stay in the shade.  

Brentley was SO sad he wasn't big enough to climb the lighthouse.  So his mamma bought him a smoothie to soothe his ruffled feathers.  He was quite pleased with it and informed everyone who walked by "My has a smoothie"

 4 years ago out on the deck.

Now they can look over the railing!

I was being shot at through the railings! "Pow! Pow!"  

 Pictures off the Avon Pier.

Fran and Sheldon.  He came the last three days of her stay and surprised her.  Of course she cried, then told him she hated him, then hugged the stuffings out of him :)  Typical reaction! LOL

 It was so humid out that my camera lens fogged up for a while, so some of these pics are a little hazy.

Hanging out like an angel baby in the stroller.

 I told the boys to just act natural,like they were just standing there talking....So Harrison looks over and says "Duuude, How Ya doin?"  A bystander heard the exchange and cracked up!  It's hopeless I tell ya.

They love their Nephew and Neice, but they struggle to share Mom and Dad with them.  It gets exhausting at times.

If you know his dad said when he saw this picture..."He's such a brat"  see that smirk....uh huh.  Love him anyway.

Beach fire.

Night life at the pier.  There was a live band and restaurant behind.

Uncle Mike was helping him peel it some more.

Love this age.  His mamma is ready to hang him by his toes most days, but he's so CUTE!!!

 Nanna snuggle time!  I told his mama, don't you dare take that pacifier!  These snuggles are few and far between anymore.

The next bunch of pics are from my phone.

Snuggle time with Dawsee Ree.  Tough Job.

At the top of the lighthouse.

By the second week they were getting much braver and would play in the waves alone.  Mike and Gwen, Fran, Sheldon, and Henry, Thatcher, Kyndahl and Harrison left, and Kip and Darcy, Mckell, her boyfriend Travis, Teague, Slava and Kolya came for the second week.

Sherman went to Wal-mart with McKell and Travis and decided we needed a table tennis set. His original thought was to use the dining table're welcome mom.  

Our newest Nephew, Kolya Krew.  Being silly.

Iley sat like this the whole time she ate her breakfast one morning??  Her and Uncle Kip fussed around and called each other Sally and George all week. She loved it.

"George, you are crazy!"

Week two, another group. more coloring.

These 2 are 2 peas in a pod.  Restless, chatter boxes, Much DRAMA, Loud. But so very Charming.
Slava and Iley

Darcy and Slava at the ice cream shop.  The mission was shopping to find Shark teeth...he found them right away and then had to endure shopping with mom and aunt Judy. Soooo boring, so he was treated to ice cream for his patience.

One evening, Kips kept all the kids so Troy and I could have a date.  We went to a fun restaurant on the sound.  The food was beautiful, and dainty, and expensive, and ok, but not worth the price,  but the view was amazing!

My most favorite person.

Two seperate games of go fish going on here.

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