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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

River Walk in Pueblo

It was actually one of the many festivals they have almost every weekend all summer.  This one was called Boats, Bands and BBQ.  There were several different bands playing, and a BBQ competition.  We Just walked around and looked, and let the girls have one boat ride.

We had to park a ways away.

 Any time we stopped walking this is where they were.

Someone had their smoker inside this old car.

 Playing in one of the fountains.

We flashed a few people throughout the day.......oops.

Wren was so pleased with her glass of Pepsi.

 This guy was sitting under one of the bridges singing.  He was quite good.

 ILey found a little umbrella someone had dropped out of their drink, and remembered a pony in my purse.  She was entertained for a while just piddling.

Sharing a $15.00 plate of BBQ  I'm laughing at Troy's face as he feeds them. It's almost impossible to feed someone and NOT do this :)

Wren's pick of places to pose.  It's a fish shaped bike rack.

I think Wren took this picture.  I cropped it, but she did pretty good.

This couple had some serious PDA going on!  I was really glad when they moved on, Wren was way too interested in them, but I thought my sneaky pictures shot from my camera in my lap while I looked the other way, turned out kind of cool.  He was SO cocky and annoying!!  She was SO ga ga over him!!  Oh my word, this is such a fun and painful age, and I remember looking adoringly at a certain, sure of himself someone, about like this while my parents cringed!! BUT hey, I'm still in love with him, so who knows, maybe this pair will make it.......but I wouldn't bet any money on it.  LOL

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  1. I can't believe I saw this nearly a week ago and didn't comment! I'm slipping! I love your updates and photos! Iley and Wren are growing up! What a sweet blessing!