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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

River Walk in Pueblo

It was actually one of the many festivals they have almost every weekend all summer.  This one was called Boats, Bands and BBQ.  There were several different bands playing, and a BBQ competition.  We Just walked around and looked, and let the girls have one boat ride.

We had to park a ways away.

 Any time we stopped walking this is where they were.

Someone had their smoker inside this old car.

 Playing in one of the fountains.

We flashed a few people throughout the day.......oops.

Wren was so pleased with her glass of Pepsi.

 This guy was sitting under one of the bridges singing.  He was quite good.

 ILey found a little umbrella someone had dropped out of their drink, and remembered a pony in my purse.  She was entertained for a while just piddling.

Sharing a $15.00 plate of BBQ  I'm laughing at Troy's face as he feeds them. It's almost impossible to feed someone and NOT do this :)

Wren's pick of places to pose.  It's a fish shaped bike rack.

I think Wren took this picture.  I cropped it, but she did pretty good.

This couple had some serious PDA going on!  I was really glad when they moved on, Wren was way too interested in them, but I thought my sneaky pictures shot from my camera in my lap while I looked the other way, turned out kind of cool.  He was SO cocky and annoying!!  She was SO ga ga over him!!  Oh my word, this is such a fun and painful age, and I remember looking adoringly at a certain, sure of himself someone, about like this while my parents cringed!! BUT hey, I'm still in love with him, so who knows, maybe this pair will make it.......but I wouldn't bet any money on it.  LOL

End of School and Summer Fun With Friends

It's been a while!  Computer issues, end of school....BUT.....I have been taking pictures this whole time...Look out.

This is just a normal after school group.  These little guys live directly behind us.  The kids are always yelling across the fence at each other.

This was at Wren's school for a Mohter's Day tea.

The tea was iced.

They danced for us and did activities.  I'd say about 80% of them have some kind of hearing Aids.

One of the teachers are instructing them to blow sloooow.

One of Wren's best friends, Holly.

I'm in love with this little guy's dimples and curls. His Dad is deaf and his mom is a fluent signer, I always have to tell him to sloooow down when he's signing to me.  I'm sure he thinks I'm rather stupid.  If they are signed to from birth, their language is just as good as a hearing child.

 These were after church one Sunday at A&W.  He was perched up here so pleased with himself!

He was probably saying Sherman.  He loves his uncles!

I think It's safe to say the feeling is mutual.

They are both so good with and to their little sisters too!

The princess was begging for her bottle.  Mommy wasn't hurrying fast enough!

She's got her eye on it!

Look mom, it's like a heart!

A Sunday hike.  A kind lady offered to take one of us all...I was hoping to stay out of the picture! 

Sherm pretending to smoke a's a stick.

Sherm still smoking....

This is what Iley chose to bring with her! LOL  Always good to be prepared.

Uhhhh....No sir, you may not have a drink.

 Some ventured off the path.

Fruit snacks and the new testament....what more do you need?

 Time for church?

The audience does not appear to be paying much attention....but we have scriptures and an organ of sorts.

I'm sure it scared off any wildlife....and nearly ran all of us away!

But she was a dedicated horn blower!  She did have to get a bit more comfy though.

Sherman's 8th grade graduation.  Can you find him?

His class is sitting on the floor, the side I'm on looks the same as the one in the picture.  It was packed and hot and uncomfortable, and loooooong.

Last day of school.

 Iley last day of school.                     Wren last day of school.

  At the park with neighbors.

A photo shoot I did with the girls that didn't turn out like I wanted...I always have a vision...and it doesn't happen.  It was a bad time of day to start with. Way too sunny.

 I didn't tell them to do this, I just looked and their feet were exactly the same.

The photos were taken in front of this building.  It's some kind of senior center.  It's right around the corner from Wren's school.  It had to have been built about the same time.

Wren's hair hung in heavy shiny gorgeous solidness all day....Iley's gets stringy and wispy.

Wren was hot, hungry, and bored by this time. Her frozen smile had deteriorated to disgust.

 They were window "looking".....a cute little Indian doll.  This was in Old Colorado City.

 Pretending to be Pirates.

 Outside of an Ice Cream shoppe.  The only picture she wanted to take.

 Way too sunny!

 I tried all day to get pictures I loved...they come home, play in the water...change into grubby clothes, and I get great's cool, the light is great,and they are relaxed......sigh.

 LOVE this one of Wren.  She is SUPER hard to get a natural picture of.

Summer mornings....pajamas till noon.

The many faces of Cricket.

She was trying to catch a butterfly.

The little girl across the street.  Pythia is her name.  She is a little younger than Iley, but is the oldest in her family, and quite the boss.