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Monday, April 4, 2016

Springtime = Parktime

It was a nice we thought, good idea, we'll go to the park.....we are there 5 minutes before the first drink request......5 minutes later "when is supper".....I need to potty......when are we going to get ice cream?......It's hot.....I'm tired.....the park excursion that should have lasted a couple of hours......30 minutes max.  This was a good reminder because we were just discussing taking them to the zoo....we remember why we never go anywhere now!

These cuties stayed in the shade.

This baby hasn't been feeling good for almost 2 weeks now :(  You  can see it in his eyes.

So amazed at the difference in her strength and coordination from 4 years ago!!  She made it all the way across.

Wren gave it a shot, but she doesn't have the same muscle build that Iley does.  Her comfort zone is in the water. She can swim like a fish.

I just don't have what it takes to climb up here...........

Ok Bub, Aunt Iley will help you :)

We took the sweet little guy from next door with us thinking that would help the playtime.......nope.  They were all ready to leave.

It looks like fun...........

Iley, always a little monkey.

Iley decided that she wanted a doughnut instead of icecream.  We went to the grocery and she picked out a beautiful doughnut with blue icing.  I handed her the bag and told her she had to wait until after supper to eat it.  She wanted an egg for supper, so while it was cooking, I put the doughnut on a plate to warm up when she was done.  When I got it out, I noticed a place that looked like a bite had been nibbled, as I'm looking at it she says "sorry mom!  I ate a little bite.....I just couldn't handle it."  

Then I look over a couple of minutes later and see this!  This girl is a serious desert junkie!  Hmmm......I wonder where she would get that?

By evening this guy was feeling rough!  Mommy got him a smoothie, and he would watch Mickey, and then sip every little bit while tucked in beside Papaw.
 Never take your eyes off the screen though!

The other 2 were screen drugged too.  The fastest way to get toys picked up is to say they have to do it before they can watch.

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