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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Post Flu Shopping

I've decided that coming up with blog titles my not be my strong suit.....just sayin.  BUT in my defense, that is what this is mostly about.  Kyndahl and Thatcher got the flu on Monday Friday night it had gone through everyone of us but Iley.  She was the lone man standing, and mighty proud of herself. 9 out of 10 of us got hit.  Nasty stuff.  Here is poor little B man.....He was NOT a fan of throwing up!  He would push the bowl away and say Dooone..while heaving again........and then he would ask for mommy.......but poor mommy was in just as bad a shape as he was.

 Saturday Troy and Harrison were still recuperating.......the girls and I were ready to get OUT of the house!  We went to Ihop for lunch and the shopping at Target.

While Iley colored the placemats.....Wren flipped the creamer paks into the bowl....or made pyramids out of them.

 Can you guess.....just by WHAT they are eating......who is who?  We have a carb junky, and a Carnivore.

 Oh....and she ate all of this, PLUS her sisters sausage link.

Yep. Carnivore.

Then on to Target. Where we mostly just poked around and looked at everything.........

 Until they thought we'd never leave!

 I did buy a cute center piece for my table :)

Spring Break coloring in our jammies..........It could have been past noon.......

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  1. Judy, I can't believe how big the girls are getting! What a difference from those tiny little "peanuts" you picked up in China!

    I'm sorry you have all been sick yet glad to see from the photos that you are on the mend! I love that first photo of the girls in the shopping cart!

    The table decoration is cute and functional!

    Happy Easter, HE is Risen!