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Friday, March 11, 2016

Brentley's 2nd Birthday and Random Happenings

We've been having nice weather so the girls and my sun starved, glow in the dark self, set off for a walk......our destination was Mc D's for an ice cream of the perks of living in town. We have to navigate the subdivision, setting off every bored dog behind every 4th fence section, into a frenzy of barking. One dog was fascinating, he would bark, then jump...all you could see were two wild eyes and ears flying out like airplane wings before he disappeared again.....then we had to tackle two highway crossings before we got to the golden arches.  Oh how I long for our nature walks with back pack, water bottle and a roll of T.P.  Even though we are surrounded by see a very small amount of people outside.  Where are they? What are they doing?  Am I the only mother that says you'd better be out that door before I count to three? 

 Wren got a jump rope from Ella and Ash for her birthday....I told Ella it would be a matter of time before it was tied to something.  The mad tie-er has struck again.

 Not even the rocks are safe.

This lovely collection was left by my front door.

 These small cute munchkins stayed with Nanna while their Mom got all the preparations ready for Brentley's Birthday bash.

 It was a sunny day, and I had the patio door open...Brentley had just been playing on the deck....I stepped in to do something and when I came back out, I found him way over by the fence He'd found  the only dirt in the back yard.  He played here all by himself with a cup and a spoon for over an hour.  I finally drug him in when it started to get dark and cold.

He had a lunch date with Mommy, sissy, and Nanna on his Birthday......We were sure we heard him say he wanted to eat at Panera Bread..... ;)

 What's so great about eating out anyway?  I get the same thing whether I'm at home or out.

Then Saturday it was finally time for his party.....He was Mickey-ed out!

 When Uncle Sherman is around the rest of us might as well forget it.

 Still hanging on to Uncle Sherm.

 Do you see how tall they are???  Crazy! Troy is 6ft. and looks small.....Sherm is only 14 and hasn't even hit his growth spurt yet! Yikes.

 Aunt Tate and "Alice" or "Alley Cat" as  she is usually called by her.  When expecting, Kyn and Thatch didn't have a name for Dawsyn for  a long time so Kait said fine I'll call her Alice.......or maybe she started it right away cause she was sure it was a girl?  I kind of forget......better get my story straight huh.

 He LOVES pizza.....can you tell?  This kid has always been a great eater.  Most babies when they start eating from a spoon spit half of it back out and you scrape it off their face, they spit you scrape.....not this guy.  He opened like a baby bird and it stayed in.

My baby boy who is as tall as his dad now! Wah!

Singing Happy Birthday to him.  He kept saying happy birthday Wren....that's the last birthday he remembered.  Look at his little hands!  This has to be about the CUTEST age!

 Because everyone knows the best way to eat a cupcake is icing first.

 Aunt Tate helped him finish up the cake part.  She is so good with him and loves her sister's babies so much.  Love this girl.

He had lots of help opening his gifts.

 All the kids went to the basement to play with all the new toys when Brentley was done unwrapping.

 Sissy even went down and loved it....for a while......until she got bonked from a stray ball.

Heh woooh

 He was sitting on the counter watching his Mac roni cook and thought he'd have a banana while he waited.

 Is it ready yet?

 Will this stuff ever get done?

 Fine I'll get down and smooch Dawsee Ree........... more time cause she's just so kissable.

Now I'll run by and shriek to entertain did!

 Finally!! The Mac roni is done.  Look at those little neck rolls and those chubby little cheeks and fingers, and the light shining through his ears!  SO darling.  

Making sure it's all going in!  I rarely have to clean up the floor after he's done.

 Aunt Iley got home and helped entertain Dawsee Ree.

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  1. I love seeing photos of your grands and children, each beautiful!