Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend in Kansas

First on the agenda was butchering a cow for hamburger. So if that will make you queasy, or you are an animal rights may want to exit now.  This is the second one we've done.  The last time was 24 years ago when Ashley was about 2-1/2 and Thatcher was just a baby.  I wondered what the girls would think of it all.  Wren has a super sensitive nose, and grosses out at some things, and things you would think would gross her out don't phase her.  They both acted like they'd done this before.  No big deal. 

We got it from the butcher shop already skinned and gutted, and in pieces....large pieces.  So the first thing to do was to get it into workable sized pieces.  Then trim off excess fat and get the meat off the bones.

Lane ran the saw.

Sherman and Evie and Harrison were great help...although they all ended up cutting their fingers.

I mean...those knives don't look a bit dangerous....right.

Hans and the girls flitted in and out.....sometimes they were good help.....and sometimes they were absent.

Wren and Grace got pretty efficient at taping the bags.....when they weren't arguing over whose turn it was to run the tape dispenser.  They both like to run the show, and weren't about to let the other one be boss.

 Iley stuck to running the on/off switch on the grinder.  We have a few over stuffed bags from when the switch operator got distracted, but she did a pretty good job.  It all had to go through here 2 times to get it ground fine enough, then we bagged it.

 Round one went into the tubs, round two went into the bags.  Iley liked the job of spreading it out in the tub as it came out into a pile.

When they weren't in helping us, they were out watching and playing with the baby goats.

 All the girls.....I tried to get the boys, but they were off on a mission to shoot rabbits.

 After we were all  cleaned up from butchering, we headed over to Ash and Ella's to see this sweet baby.  He's grown so much in the 2 months since we saw him last!  He's almost walking, and has 3 teeth now.  This baby is never still for a minute.  He watches everything and wants to know whats going on.  I turned my back on him for 2 minutes and heard water splashing......the toilet!!!!!!  I forgot to shut the door.  He was delightedly swishing his marker in the water like a little racoon!

 He was SO happy to see his daddy get home from work!  It's no wonder, cause as soon as he walked in things livened up considerably!  He was whisked up into the air and turned upside down, and swung by his toes.  He loved every minute and would pitch himself down with total trust and wild abandon.  This obviously was a nightly routine!

Some where in the wild ruckus, he bumped his noggin, and had to be comforted.

 Little Cindy Lou Who sat and watched all the excitement.

 Iley was quietly drawing a picture with a little neat box of markers.......until the terror twins hit!  The markers were dumped and scattered in record time.

 They were having fun being pushed around in the clothes basket until I stopped......I think Brentley was getting squished.

Easter Lunch was at Grandma and Grandpa Deaton's.  Hawaiian Meal, rolls and home made butter pecan ice cream and brownies.  Not the traditional Easter meal, but oh so delicious.  I didn't even get my camera out on Sunday :(  so no pictures.  Hope you all had a wonderful meal and a blessed time with family as well.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Post Flu Shopping

I've decided that coming up with blog titles my not be my strong suit.....just sayin.  BUT in my defense, that is what this is mostly about.  Kyndahl and Thatcher got the flu on Monday Friday night it had gone through everyone of us but Iley.  She was the lone man standing, and mighty proud of herself. 9 out of 10 of us got hit.  Nasty stuff.  Here is poor little B man.....He was NOT a fan of throwing up!  He would push the bowl away and say Dooone..while heaving again........and then he would ask for mommy.......but poor mommy was in just as bad a shape as he was.

 Saturday Troy and Harrison were still recuperating.......the girls and I were ready to get OUT of the house!  We went to Ihop for lunch and the shopping at Target.

While Iley colored the placemats.....Wren flipped the creamer paks into the bowl....or made pyramids out of them.

 Can you guess.....just by WHAT they are eating......who is who?  We have a carb junky, and a Carnivore.

 Oh....and she ate all of this, PLUS her sisters sausage link.

Yep. Carnivore.

Then on to Target. Where we mostly just poked around and looked at everything.........

 Until they thought we'd never leave!

 I did buy a cute center piece for my table :)

Spring Break coloring in our jammies..........It could have been past noon.......