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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mostly Finn

Just one reason to dread snow!

Busy, determined, adorable, picky eater, light sleeper, kissable, on the move, gorgeous blue eyes....these are a few descriptions of this little punkin.  We LOVED having him visit and stay with us for a few days.

He was doing his best to clear the coffee table.

First to go were the antlers which narrowly missed bonking his head or landing on a toe.

......then maybe if I streeeeeetch up on my very tippy toes..........

Now how do I get that toy under there?

 Did I mention his blue eyes?

On the move.

 His favorite sitting position.  Looks like he's doing hurdles.

A neighbor boy who came over to play.

Then he found the door stop.  That provided several minutes of fun.

 His mamma decided he needed his fingernails trimmed.......he was NOT in agreement, and was quite offended at being immobilized!  But he'd met his match in his equally determined mamma.

 Nanna aren't you going to help a guy out?

This is not fair!!

But she's such a good mamma, and he's totally in love with her.

Messing with the light and angles with a willing model.

 Love her dimples.

 I told her not to smile.....good luck.

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