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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Just for fun, Photos of the babies

He's probably going to kill me....He even said "these better not show up on the blog"....but I couldn't resist!  He was cracking me up.  I told him to lay on the bed so I could adjust my camera settings before I had Brentley come up.  This is what I got.


 Because I can't decide if I like it better in black and white or color, I posted both.

We told him to put his chin in his this Nanna?

 Like this?

 Rotten much?

Then we tried to put sissy in the picture with him.....Sissy was NOT impressed.

I didn't pinch her mamma, I promise.

Don't cry sissy!

 Look, like happy.......

This chick is hopeless....give it up people.

 Seriously guys....she's done.

 We tried again later with just sissy........she cooperated for a little bit, but the princess thinks she needs held all day.  She shoulda been a kangaroo baby.

But she sure is cute!

 Look at all that cute baby chub :)

You crazy people aren't funny, just pick me up already!
 Ok these people are just weird.......

I'm done.

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  1. You are right, he is going to kill you! Love the baby photos! I can't believe the little princess has so much hair! I love the color and the B&W's! You do an amazing job!