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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Kale Haters Unite

We are trying to do the Trim Healthy Mamma way of eating around here. Trying to eat healthier.   Well one of the recipes in the book was for kale chips.......they can be addictive they said.......They do a good job of fulfilling what potato and corn chips offer.........our children love them.......a delicious way to get vegetables they said...........HAH!  They taste like sea weed and my children wouldn't touch them.  Iley started crying when Sherman tried to force feed her some.  Way to frighten small children!  

I had a large bag of pre washed kale in the fridge........I read the article below and laughed out loud, but it reminded me of my bag of kale that was still sitting skeptically in the fridge ready for trial.  If you've tried kale and hated it, you will LOVE this article.  

The outcome of the kale experiment:  It tastes like sea weed and now the house smells like cabbage........which would actually taste much better. While moaning to Gwen, I asked who would eat this seaweed tasting stuff.......she said maybe a cow, or something to that effect........

But I ask these animals look happy to you? all know we are supposed to eat beef from HAPPY cows!  
So it had to go you know.  It was the consistancy of ashes with a chewy strip in the middle.  As I dumped the whole lot in the trash......I had a moment of silence for all the sailors who suffered from scurvy......and called it a lesson learned.

So I've decided I will only eat converted kale..........without bread of course.


  1. LOL !!!!! Shellie at work brought in Kale chips and we all about barfed !!!!! I sooo feel your pain ! I'm with Iley..I'd cry too !!!!!

  2. How funny! I have yet to get the nerve up to try kale chips!

  3. LOL, you are brave for trying to make them! They sound terrible!