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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas in Ohio

We always travel to Ohio for Christmas.  A lovely 20 hour drive........but it's worth it to see all of our wonderful family.

My only sibling, "aunt Gwen" holding Dawsyn.

The girls want to be involved with every present being opened!

 Papaw helping Brentley open his gift, with aunt Iley ready to help and Wren on trash duty.  She meticulously cleaned up every scrap.......this girl loves to be doing something.

 These big boys used to be the ones in the middle, excitedly going to get everyone's they are BIG and watch half halfheartedly!!!  I'm not sure how I feel about that :(

 Things change, life moves on, now we have grand babies and boyfriends!  Love em all.

 We had lots of cuteness and snuggles...........

 And with 3 babies.........lots of this.


The girls managed to sit by every person opening a gift.

 Fran embroidered all of us ladies a cute little wall thingy.  I don't have a picture of the other ones :(  Kyndahl and mine were cactus' and grandmas was a bible verse and flowers. These were definitely the most thoughtful, time consuming gifts!  Thanks Fran!

 This baby loves books!

Iley and Wren got new fuzzy blankets from Uncle Mike and Aunt Gwen.  They LOVE them!

 Great Grandma and Grandpa with Dawsyn.

 Dawsyn talking to her Daddy :)  This picture makes my heart smile :)

 A typical Sherman face.  He's never thrilled with having his picture taken.

 Trying to get Finn to eat is always an Olympic sport!  He just doesn't have time for this.  I fed him a bottle while his mom and dad went on a date, and he drank it standing up, twisting and turning to look around!

 Really mom??  The smile isn't gonna trick me, and airplanes don't bring food. nice try.

 oh what's going on over here??

What is this orange stuff?? Not impressed.

 Nanna!  Don't just stand there taking pictures! Save me!

 Nope, not opening. Don't like it, forget it lady.

 But man I do love my mommy, so maybe I'll smile at her anyway :)

 Gwen found out that Mom and Dad were drinking instant coffee because they only need one cup each morning, (and I don't mean one cup each....they share one) and wouldn't make a pot for that.....because Mom doesn't waste any food...... so we decided they needed a Kuerig :)  We thought WE needed a Kuerig while at their house too ;)  It's a win win......right?

 This silly baby sits like this all the time!  

Aaaaaahh......He's getting my book!

 Finn playing with Aunt Kyndahl.

 This looks like lots of fun and trouble in about 2 years!!!

 Just big eyed cuteness!

A rare moment where Iley actually let Aunt Gwen hold her.  She really wants to let her.......but she has a come here come here, get away get away thing going on with her.

 Great Grandpa and Finn.

 Then there is this cutie........oh my!

 He thought he was pretty neat with his tooth pick.

 Sleeping Beauty.

 I'm pretty sure this baby wasn't put down alone all day.


  1. I MISS YOU, ALREADY!....:(, love, love every picture! cute are all these babies?...even the big ones,cause I remember them as babies too...xoxo

  2. I'm so behind on my blogs, loved seeing all the photos of your visit back home! Beautiful children and grandchildren!