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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Day In Our Life

 The snow comes.....the snow goes.......the snow  comes.....the snow goes.......

 Houses houses as far as the eye can see........I miss the country!

Thatcher and Kyndahl celebrated their 3rd anniversary on Tues. so we kept their sweet babies while they ran for the hills  took a little well deserved time away to focus on and enjoy each other.
Brentley adores his Uncle Sherman!  When They told him he was coming to our house he said "Nanna Jo's, Sherman, basket ball"  I'm glad I got an honorable mention.....but I was not the prize!

Uncle Sherman fixed him eggs and then fed them to him before eating anything himself, he is such a peach! I was feeding Dawsyn so was very thankful for the extra help!

 The breakfast club...Harrison was gone with Troy.

Fast forward to lunch time........yes every one was still in their p.j.'s.........don't judge!  I loved the way Aunt Iley was talking to and entertaining Dawsyn.

This picture makes me laugh, it looks like the boys and girls were segregated.  Poor bubby was all alone.

 Such a beautiful conglomeration of big feet and tiny feet, self sufficient, don't hug me types... and totally dependent, and very needy types, and everything in between.  Each one a different personality, each one with different struggles, all dearly loved......... blessing me.......while at the same time, making me TIRED!

Is anyone else wondering what Iley is doing ....and thinking......this may not end well!

Uncle Sherman to the rescue again!  Entertaining Dawsee while simultaniously watching a show.

We held a barefoot wedding here in the afternoon.  The grooms choice of attire was......interesting.  But the bride didn't seem to notice...she was much more worried about looking smashing herself.

 They were killing me!  I did NOT tell them what to do, I just stood back and snapped pictures, trying not to laugh and shake the camera!  Such loving adoration from the bride, and the groom looking like he's doing his typical!

 Is this indicative of the future?

 I did say...."you may kiss the bride"........then they did! The bride looks like she's already making him work for it! LOL  

 May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Deaton.  I'm sorry to say they seem to have gotten things out of order.....they informed me their baby was upstairs sleeping.  

 The beautiful Mrs. Deaton and  the proud Mr.

 This girl LOVES to wear beautiful twirly dresses!

Aunt Iley and Brentley checking out their shadows.

 He is SO entertained by his Aunts and Uncles!

 Like proud parents they brought their "baby" to see grandma.  I laughed as the mommy fixed the blanket better for the picture.

 That's better, now we are ready.

 Brentley watching his shadow the sheer joy.

 Taking a break from dancing to smooch Dawsee Ree.

Like any good parents, they took their child to church.  

 Is this the chapter the preacher said?

 I'm not following, maybe it was back here.

If only she liked real live babies as well!  

 More dancing in the sun.

And last but not least....and not last to be attended to!  This must be a true princess......she can feel the tiniest pea....or inconsistancy......or discomfort......or lack of human touch.......good thing she's cute as a button and oh so kissable.....she rules her servants with a tiny little fist and a high pitched squawk!  Love her to pieces.

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  1. It is always a great day when you can stay in your P.J.'s! I loved the sun dancing, wedding, and the tender care of the baby! What a blessing t have your two grandchildren so close! Many happy memories being made by all! Loving your family from afar!