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Monday, December 21, 2015

Thanksgiving with the Deatons

Sorry this is a pathetic amount of pictures to show everything that went on that weekend.  Every single Child and grandchild (except our newest one waiting in Ukraine, we miss you Kolya!) was here in Q-town.  We were celebrating 50 years of marriage with Mom and Dad Deaton, and eating lots of Turkey and the trimmings......and just eating a lot period.  I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures, One of my small children was in continual meltdown mode, just too much change, too little of my attention, fear of no one liking them, eating too much sugar while mom wasn't watching, maybe emotions about being back in our old town?, so that took a lot of my mental energy. Then there were 3 grandbabies that NEEDED kissed and held.  These pictures were all taken after church on Sunday. Terry Wolf came over and photographed the whole mob. Not a job for the inexperienced, or faint of heart. Thanks Terry for taking the time to do that!

We had lots of together time, laughs, cries, exasperation, laughs, forgiveness, love, family.  We visited a huge dairy one day and got to see how that operation ran.  The little kids were bored, but the older kids and adults really enjoyed it.  Then we all descended en mass on the local Chinese restaurant....probably scarred the poor people for life!  No really everyone did pretty well except for the afore mentioned melt downer.....and I think she mostly just annoyed her mother by pouting and huffing.  We've outgrown grandmas house, so we were fortunate to rent a really nice building in town.  Thanks Brenton for loaning out this building to so many.

 The whole darling bunch :)  This is all the grandchildren, Minus our dear boy waiting in Ukraine.  Next time we will have him in here too :)  I love that our family has grown not just in size but in experience, and culture, and in heart size!  We are blessed.
So I would say to Mom and Dad Deaton, "Thank you for raising 4 wonderful sons! and Thank you for loving all of us daughters in law.....We've brought drama, challenges, change,  and a whole lotta kiddos into your midst."  We love you.

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