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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, December 21, 2015

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This post is just my girls.

Wren all dressed up ready for her Christmas program at school.  It ended up not being anything Christmasy, but she had fun playing the straw seller in the 3 little pigs.  "straw for sale" "straw for sale"  And she got to wear blush and stand up in front of everyone.  She didn't look near this cute cause they put overalls on her for the play.  Oh well she was mighty pleased with her fuzzy shirt and new boots with a heel. She already had the skirt.

 Looking out to see if the bus is coming.  I liked the silhouette.

 Waiting....and drawing in the steamy window.

After the program, they had snacks for all the parents and kids.  Wren's teacher is the lady in the black shirt on the far right.

 Some of Wrens friends.  She is SO tall!!  What happened to tiny Asian people?  This girl has some tall genes!  I think these girls are a little younger than her, but she is still tall for her age.

 Papaw and his tiny girl.

 His comment "she's so precious and so perfect"  Yep, no arguments here.

 Iley ready for her program.  She got to wear her outfit and looked super cute.....except that she was in about the fourth row and all you could see was her face.  Oh well she loved her fuzzy shirt and sparkly skirt that twirled. She has Wren's boots from last year, so didn't get new boots.

 These were from yesterday.  Troy had left and taken the boys to Kansas to meet Grandpa and Grandma D. to head to OH early.  So the girls and I were left home alone.  They always stand fascinated, watching me put on make up, so I asked them if they wanted me to put it on them.  YES! They said.   But this is scary!!!  I can see this kind of selfie in about 4 years :(  ack!  Daddy get your gun!  These girls are gonna be gorgeous.  I took  their glasses off so I could see their eyes.  I love love love their little Asian eyes.  

Wren kept squinting her eyes shut......she is so hard to get a natural picture I told her to open her this mom?  Ok never mind!  We better start saving for braces too.  Wren has a serious over bite and Iley's are all over the place.

This is my favorite, so of course it's the one that's blurry :(


  1. Love the photos! Which son does the baby girl belong to and what is her name? I'm way behind! Merry Christmas to your beautiful family!

  2. Hi Wren, this is Ella. I was your best friend in Zhongshan in China. I am living in England now but I want you to come and visit us! We are moving to a bigger house in Birmingham and there will be room for your family! LOve Ella