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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas at our House

Hey......anyone......I can't see the pictures over here.

It's ok sissy, I'll look at them for you.

 Nuggets.  This is what he says everytime he sees a Mc D's sign.

 Dancing with Big Brother Ash in the kitchen.  We spent our time running non cookers out of the kitchen.  We had LOTS of nibblers........but less cooks.

We were blessed to have Micah and Carrie here for our Christmas too.  They flew in to Denver on their way home from Washington, and rode home with Ash and Ella to KS.

Sister time :) She loves her big sisters.

 Dawsyn with Aunt "tate"


Teaching Iley how to play solitaire on my phone.  I decided it was a fun way for them to learn how to sequence numbers.

 Brentley loves to "cook" and just carry around cups and plates and pretend to eat or feed you.

 Iley was super pleased with her stuffed puppy and pet carrier.

 Wren got a tool box with a paint brush, bungee straps, rope and pulley and hooks.

 Pleased with his exotic blueberry and orange rootbeer.

 I'm telling Wren it's for your hair.

There are no pictures of Ella because I put her in charge of taking the pictures, and Finn was sleeping, and Ash was sitting right beside her, but they were there too!  I wish I would have stolen the camera and got them in some.  I was covered in girls most of the time though.

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