Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, October 5, 2015


Ashley, Ella, Finn, Micah, and Carrie came out for a quick weekend to see the new baby, and to Cheer up Thatch and Kyn.  It's hard to move away from everything familiar.....and every one familiar! Then add a new job, a new baby, and a grandma that is too sick to come see her new grand-baby..... sometimes we just need some familiar faces!  So thanks guys for making the effort!  We love you.

From youngest...Dawsyn 1-1/2 weeks, Finn.....4 mo.s.......Brentley 19 mo.s

 Brent man was a little hard to get to lay still!

 ......and then there were 2........

 I'm back.........

 Kisses all around......whether you want them or not.

 Our boys are such good daddy's :)  They had a good example :)

 ......and this is my opinion of too many pictures :)

 Dawsyn and her Daddy.  He calls her Sister Bella.

 This pretty much sums up this little chap.....wide awake smiling and raring to go!  He's grown so much in a month!  SO fun to see him and love on him again!

 Eating supper with Aunt Iley and Aunt Wren.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Endangered Species

Or so you'd think.......slightly camera shy, and prone to weird faced reactions to the camera make for a rare appearance here.  Love these two so much!  They are such GOOD kids.  Easy going, and a joy to have around........most of the time;)......although they do have traits that resemble those of the poor mouse who doesn't seem to be able to take a step without leaving a trail of droppings....socks.....socks.....more the couch cushions, under the chairs, one stray hanging out in the middle of the floor with no the bed sheets, under the many socks do two people wear???.....bookbags, shoes, hats, sunglasses, papers, wrappers, plates, cups........I clean off the table and counter......turn around and some kind of evil genie has been here....more stuff!  Love em anyway :)

 Iley had a "cowboy" day at school for spirit week....their school mascot is the cowboys.  This is how she did her spelling words......she actually got them all right the first time, so maybe the blood to her head helped!

This sweet baby gets cuter and cuter every day!  She went to the doctor for her 1 week check up and weighed in at 6 lbs 7 oz.  Yay!  She's growing and gaining.