Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Welcome Dawsyn Marie

Introducing Dawsyn Marie
Born September 25 at 9:49 AM
6 pounds 4 ounces
19 inches long

We brought big brother Brentley to see his little sister.........He wasn't too sure about the whole thing.  Why was Mamma in bed? And who or what is she holding?

How do I get out of here?

You want a bite of my cracker Mom? 

Mommy and her babies :)  LOVE this one.  She's a great little mamma too! 

Brentley is such a Daddy's boy though!  He was fine with everyone holding sis....except for Daddy!  When we tried to put her on Daddy's lap with him, he howled! 

Just a few hours old, and oh so loved!

She is very bright eyed and alert. 

This baby cracks me up the way he sleeps!  He was all smashed up against the edge, down in the crack with his legs and arms crossed.  

I woke him up taking his picture.......oops.....but he needed to get up anyway.  As soon as he wakes up, he stands up and hands over his pacifier or as he calls it, his "night night"

Except Nanna isn't as hard core as Mom and Dad.......cause she knows if he keeps his "night night"......he likes to sit and snuggle for a few minutes before getting down to play :) I mean, who wouldn't want to snuggle all that sweet squeezy cuteness?? 

So fun to watch her Uncles love on her.  They are so fascinated by how tiny she is.  She is pretty amazing!  and CUTE!

Aunt Iley couldn't wait to get there and hold her!  She was a little offended she couldn't go with us the first night!  She was so funny when I told her that Kyndahl had her baby.  I told her the name, and she said "Awww, that's a super cute name"  then she wondered if the doctor cut Kyndahl open.......umm...nooooo.........and I explained how babies get here......she was HORRIFIED!  "Does it hurt?" she asked........well I couldn't lie....  She informed me she was NEVER, NEVER, EVER, having a baby.......NEVER mom. 

But she sure does like to hold other people's babies :) LOL 

She was also worried that her feet needed lotion.  They are long and thin with long toes, just like Kyndahls. 

Aunt Wren did a dutiful hold.......short and not too cozy.  She did like to pet her hair and feel her soft skin.......but then she was done.  She likes the idea of a baby, but she thinks they're kind of boring. 

Starting to be done......the grip is loosening........ 

Ok, I'm bored and done now. 

Uncle Sherm was like "Whoa....she's the same size as a football! You could just tuck her and run."

We all had to check out her tiny fingers and toes, she's so girly compared to Brentley and Finn!  Much daintier.  They had big chunky boy hands. 

A tiny piece of perfection, straight from heaven! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Moving Thatcher's etc.

The first bunch of pictures are taken while Thatcher and Kyndahl were staying here.  Then their moving pictures are farther down.

Harrison was sitting outside entertaining Brentley while we fixed supper.  He would hand him a rock, and B would throw it........over and over and over.  He just loves his little nephew.

Wren was dancing.......Iley had been wearing this on her head as she went flying down the hill on her  car.........not sure it's going to save her head from much.

 Brentley's Daddy was not impressed with his borrowed shirt.  "it looks like he's wearing a dress"  he said. He had just soaked himself playing at the edge of the girls' bath.

 Practicing Hiking the ball.  Sherm plays center on his football team.

Wren waiting on the bus.  She is always ready and waaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiting.  I never wake her up in the morning.  I creep in and wake up Iley......we try not to make a breeze, or make shadows across her face......and yet somehow she senses us, and wakes up.....every. single. day.  She could sleep an extra hour at least! I don't feed her until after Iley's on the bus either!  That should be enough to keep her sleeping!
 Still waiting............

 .......she TIED the dandelion onto her shoe!  These shoes are too little.......but she LOVES she crams her feet into them and wears them anyway.  

 This place has SO MANY bees!!!  At least these are honey bees not wasps!

 Sherm is # 72.  They just got done with their first game........which they lost :(

Hauled out, ready to load.

 Papaw taking a break in the ugly orange chair that was left behind.  Brentley started out squirting water in his mouth, then switched to just spraying his face.

 Finn loves chewing on his hands.

 The outside of Kyn and Thatch's house.

 The babies both did so well!!  They just played and watched.  Iley did really well helping entertain them too.

 Brentley is loving all the extra space to run at his new house.

Daddy was glad for an excuse to SIT!  They worked hard.  We unloaded the whole truck, set up and made the beds and put away all the kitchen and pantry stuff.