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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coming up for Air

Backing up.......Pawpa taking a break from packing to snuggle this sweet little man.....oh how we miss him!!

 Just some sweet pictures of my little beauties.

 I had a hard time getting a pensive look with this one!  She's a giggle box.

 Some last, white door pictures.

 Wren was gone to summer school, and I hadn't heard Iley for a while, Whaaat mom??  She plays so well by herself.

The last day of summer school all of Wren's previous teachers had a little good bye party for both of the girls.  There were snacks, and gifts for both of them.  From the left is her Kindergarten teacher, then Mrs. Kay, then Ms. Jones, then her pre school teacher is on the end.  She is no longer the preschool teacher, but now coordinates and is in charge of all the special services for the kids, so they both had her for that too.
  Her 1st grade teacher, Ms. Jones, and her interpreter/dhh teacher, Mrs. Kay, bought her the purple KState tee shirt.  She LOVES it. She doesn't know a thing about the Wild cats, but she loves having a matching shirt with her teachers! She picked it up the other day and signed Ms. Jones, Mrs. Kay and then hugged it and said looove you and kissed it.  I think she misses them!  They spoiled her rotten this summer! :) LOL.

  From the left is the speech teacher, She should have been in Wren's picture too:( but came in just after we were all done , Iley's kindergarten teachers in the middle, then their preschool teacher/ now special needs coordinator.

 The truck outside our new house. Isaac Wolf drove his truck out and helped unload.  His sweet girlfriend helped haul many many boxes too!  What a blessing the movers were! 

 Looking a little country in the middle of the suburbs!

A few of their toys were unloaded, so they were playing with the son of one of the guys that helped us move and unload.  

 UGH!  the piles of the the fun begins.

 Looking more home like :)  Making progress!

 I sold my couch at the garage sale because it was too big for this tiny living room....Our bedroom is bigger than the living this was a little bare for 2 weeks.

This is standing at the end of our drive looking out to the east.  We are almost out of town:(  I'm struggling a little with the close proximity of our neighbors.  Really missing our space.  But enjoying the newer, easier to keep clean house!

 We do have a cute LITTLE fire chiminea....and a nice deck and patio.

We have also had a wasp or yellow jacket infestation :(  We had to spray and knock down 5 of these nests out of our deck umbrella.  Then I got to checking under the deck seat and found 5 more old ones, and one new one just being started!!  We need to buy stock in the Raid company!

I told the girls to go outside and use their sidewalk chalk............but wasn't really meaning like this.......OR right in front of the door where everyone walks through it to get in!  I hosed them off with much shrieking!

 They have SUCH awesome big brothers!!! Have I said it before?  Love love love these guys, and girlies.

My new couch and love seat.........and turquoise chair that I fell in love with.....and was on sale...finally got here!  Yay!  Now I'm trying to decide on pillows for it.  The ones on it are the ones that came with it.  They're ok......but...... 

 I'm just a little bit in love with my picture wall :)  
We are getting settled in, and it's feeling more homey.....but it still feels a little bit like we are on vacation......except I've been slaving like a dog, not relaxing!  I've unpacked and put away an entire house, done 5 enrollments at 4 different schools......missed the times for 2.....done one orientation.....2 more to go, have to get 3 kids to the doctor for shots......Wren to the audiologist.....change the address on a gazillion things, set up new banking, get a mail box, get back to school clothes for the boys, school supplies for all.........besides the normal cooking, cleaning and laundry........someone asked me what I was going to do when the kids go back to school.......I said NOTHING!!!  I can't wait :)

Harrison's school is huge.....1,300 kids in just the high school!  It looks like a small college.  It's new and VERY nice.  He gets a laptop of his own with enrollment which he thinks is very cool.  He's going to play golf!  Sherm's is big too, he's going from 13 kids in his whole grade to 300! He is going to try out for football and basket ball.  He definitely has a chance at football......he seems to be one of the bigger kids in his grade. Beef fed Country boy.  They've both started going to youth group at church and are enjoying it.  Thank you Lord!  Please keep praying for them as they all start new schools and make new friends.  

We are loving having Troy home in the evenings, and feeling more like a normal family again.  That's been good.  God is Good all the time.  The journey has just begun, but God goes with us so We shall NOT fear.  Repeat, repeat, repeat :)  


  1. Oh Judy.. It's so good to hear from you! I've been thinking of you all lots & wondering how it was going. I really like your picture wall too! :) Hopefully I can get this comment to post without a bunch of hooplah! ;) We shall not FEAR... Amen & amen! :)

  2. Love love LOVE your living room- and the first thought that popped into my head was how awesome the picture wall looks. :) :)
    Also, make your own wasp killer & put it in one of those pesticide pump sprayer things- 2T dawn dish soap to 1 gal of water. They fall over DEAD, and you're not spraying poison all over the place (like, where your family eats/plays!). My hubby was a diehard Raid believer, until he tried the dishsoap. He's now a champion wasp killer and loves his dishsoap! :P
    ~Shauna Horneman

    1. HI SHAUNA!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are you???? How is that sweet little girl? I would love to see her. email me a picture sometime.