Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, August 21, 2015

Starting school and random pictures

Sherman's first day at his new school.  They were all so nervous that My stomach hurt for them!

 Harrison waiting for the bus...I was watching from our back deck.  Look at all those poor things...shoulder to shoulder....6ft eye contact..scared to death.  Made me cry for them all.  Harrison is in the orange shirt, second from the right.  Then there is the group on the far left that all know each other and are having a good ol time.

 Goodbye....gulp.......good luck!!

 Wren didn't start school until the next Monday.  She was very bummed about it.....we consoled her with Chick Fillet and ice cream.

 Iley's home!!!! (that is not Brentley in the picture by the way :) )  It's the little girl behind Ileys' brother.  He's a month younger than Brentley.

She was SOOO glad to be home and see mom!  The first day at a new school is STRESSFUL!!  

 Of course sister was instantly mothering her and taking over.  She didn't know what to do with herself all day without Iley to boss and play with!  She made me crazy by following me every where I went.....waiting outside the bathroom for me....I would trip over her every time I turned around!

 The way she acts you'd think she was at least 5 yrs. older, and Iley needed taken care of.

 This poor baby gets no sad.

 He looks thrilled about going to school huh :(

This is Iley's 2nd day.....I forgot to get a first day pic :(  Her pony tails are a little wonky!

This is one of their favorite activities!  They get to cruising down the hill.  When they get to the corner, they just zip around goes up hill on that side so they slow down and turn around.  Then push the cars back up the hill for another round.  The neighbors all think they're crazy children.....and prob think we are bad parents!  I'm just glad they're outside playing!  For a while they wouldn't go outside, or very far away from me.

 Sunday morning.....I had a lap full!  Love all these babies.

Wren didn't like the smell of Brentley's lotion.  She has a hands off don't touch me, I'll smile and play with you from a distance, relationship with him!

 He likes to play with his daddy's shoes............

 .......and anyone else's.........just a little difference between his shoe and uncle Harrison's.

Now that's a cute center piece!

 Wren was SO excited to FINALLY be going to school!!  Her bus was really late the first day!  She's supposed to get on before Harrison.  She was waving bye to him here.

This is the 4th, first day of school picture she's had taken.  What a difference from the 1st one!

1st day of preschool!  They were so tiny! Iley's leggings were a size 2T!

Now looking quite grown up :(

 Bye mom!  No noticeable nerves here!  This girl LOVES to GO ...anywhere....just go.

Who says you can't play in the mud in town.  He was so happy to find the girls' left overs!

 WHatttttt do I doooo???  When does Wren get home????

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brentley's First Visit to Nanna and Pawpa's House in CO

They were drumming on the cooler having so much fun and being SO loud!

 I'm OUT of the car finally!!!

 I still need to find a bedside table by my side of the bed.  I had been using one of the girls' little chairs and they must have decided they wanted it back.  But rather than just taking it they replaced it with this!  Cracked me up!  They (probably Wren) even stabilized it by putting one wheel in the kleenex box!

 They put my fan in it like a baby, and my water handy to me.

 Sweet mamma, sweet baby!  He loves his mommy :)

 He has learned to navigate the stairs!  He goes up and down all day.

 He's cutting a couple of new teeth and is feeling a little crummy, which makes him extra snuggly.  His mamma and Nanna aren't complaining :)

 Uncle Sherm...........sorry, no one is exempt from the blog!

 He was saying Cheeeese.
We are loving having them all here!!!