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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We interrupt our packing to bring you this......

I'm.  Tired.  Of. Packing.  Ugh.............wahhhhh!!!!!!!  Ok, so I'm taking a break to bring you up to the present in our doings.

Backing up to the 4th....we went to Hays to watch Fire works.  Eating at Qdoba before.  Harrison was in Ohio, and Teague was here from Ohio.

 This baby slept through the whole thing.

 From left to right, Eddie, Ike, Thatcher.....such a cute bunch.

 Grandpa covering Brentley's ears.  He wasn't too sure about them for a while.  By the end he was fine.

 Drew, Ella's cousin who is here for the summer.

 Wren, Iley and Teague.....sharing candy.

 This was at our house another night.  They had the big lights on outside playing Can Jam.  Brentley hauled this watering can all over.  Thatch was hollering down the spout making his voice sound all funny.

 Then this little mannie stopped by for a visit....he's starting to be awake a lot more now.

Several ladies took Lucy out for lunch and had a small baby shower for her.  We went to a little cafe up north of us.
Not all of us were ladies....


He looks a little nervous about his caregiver here.

Will they ever get done talking??  I could be outside playing, but I'm stuck in here.  He did SO good!

 We had to make several attempts to get a picture of Nanna and her 2 babies.  One kept trying to escape while the other one just snoozed away.

 Finally!  One that's decent :)

 Then we stopped to let the mamma's do some thrift shopping.  Both babes were asleep when we stopped so I voted to stay in the car with didn't stay asleep long, and was MOST pleased to get out of his seat!

 I could totally drive this thing......what does that lever do?  what happens if I push this button?
 Oh look....straws!

 Now, how do I get to them?

 I'll just put one leg down here.....then pull them all out...I'm sure mom and grma won't care.

 Nope....with a face like get to do what ya want......well, mom's not quite as big a push over, but he's got his Nanna figured out!

A few more pictures of the house that I forgot to take last time we were there.  We had to meet with the realtor and do a DETAILED walk through and documentation of the condition of the house.  "We aren't in Kansas anymore, Toto"

This is the only carpeted room downstairs.  It is supposed to be the dining room.  We are planning to use it as a den/ extension of the living area.

From the 'dining room' looking into the living room and front door.
 kitchens to the left.

 Sorry, I forgot to rotate this one before hand.  This is through to the laundry area.  The door on the right is the red bathroom.

The laundry walk through. The door at the end goes out to the garage.

 The big room in the basement.  The owners left the screen and the projector.  The boys are super excited about that.

They were brave to leave the dart board too!

 The beginnings of a man cave!! 

 The girl's closet.

This is looking out the front of the house from upstairs. You can see the mountains in the background on the left side.

The stairway, and hallway to the dining, garage, laundry, and 1/2 bath. This is pretty much the house in one glance.  Except the basement. 

We found these fans while sorting through things, that we got them in China.  They LOVE them!  I found them dancing on the table, watching themselves in the mirror.

 Blithely dancing amidst the rubble.  They don't seem too bothered by all the upheaval.  I think they are secure in the fact that they are going with us, and their stuff is going.

 Wren would dance, then bend down like this to signal it was Iley's turn to do her thing.  So funny!

 We've started loading!  The trailer is backed up to our front door.

 This is the garage sale pile....not the mantel, couch or table....ugh.  I do NOT want to price all this stuff!
 We are hoping to be loaded and headed west by noon next Friday.  Still have LOTS to do.  Now if some magic cleaning fairies would show up....or maybe a cooking fairy.......sigh... Well, I've stalled long enough.....back to work.

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  1. I'm so happy for you and your family! I love hearing how the girls are secure in their love that this move is just another thing!