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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, June 15, 2015

Grandma K and Grandpa K came to visit

Waiting on Grandma and Grandpa Knaus to get here.  Keeping cool in the sprinkler.

They're here!!  Even the dogs were excited :)

Brentley didn't mind using Iley's toothbrush at all!  He just wanted in on the action.

 While My mom was here, Ella, Kyndahl, Wren, Iley, Brentley, Finn, and I took her to a little coffee shop for lunch......well we took her but she still insisted on paying!  Thanks Mom. We all met at Kyn's house.

This is kinda boring guys!  Can't I just get down and run around?

 My sweet Mamma :)  Love her!

 The middle seat of the van.

 The back seat.

 I kept trying to get pictures of Finn too, but couldn't get my camera at the right angle.  He was too far over.

 The driver.

 The co-pilot.

Nanna Jo taking care of the middle row, while Grandma entertained the back seat.

 Playing in the rain.

 This lovely item didn't sell at the garage sale, so Wren was making good use out of it.  She's playing her harp.  Her imagination is so fun to watch.  She can see the extraordinary in the most ordinary objects.

Hanging out with the big boys.  He was flopped back all chilled out like uncle Sherm......until I got the camera.  Then of course he moved.

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