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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Funny Faces, Funny Folk

Thursday Morning I all of a sudden realized I hadn't seen or heard either of the girls for a while.  I went looking, and found Iley camped out here, and Wren upstairs in Harrison's room looking at comics.  She came down for lunch, then went back up.  I finally DRUG her out.....very 5:00pm!!  Iley says "Wren loves comics"

 This little sweetie came to see Nanna on Thursday too.

 And this punkin stayed here while his mamma got a tooth filled.

 I think maybe your box is too big my love.

 Wren was dancing, and spinning....after she got over being mad about being removed from the comics.

Iley thinks Sherman's crutches are a lot more fun than Sherman does.

 I looked out the window to see Wren tying her flip flop up in the tree, and the rest of the strap around the ropes on the slide.

I found Iley chillin in a "hammock" rigged up by Wren I'm sure.  It's the remnants of what used to be the roof on their swing set.  Brand new 3 years ago, the wind shredded it.

 Just cruisin in my boat.

 Brentley loves his paw paw!

 This is his new face.  He does this every time we say Breeeeentley..... to get him to look at us.  It's cracking me up!

 He's learning how to navigate the steps. He went up and down several times.

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