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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Girls and the Boy

Lots of pictures.....just life and a photo shoot of the Boy.

Waiting on the school bus.  Today was their field trip!  They have been checking the calendar and counting down the days for 2 weeks! Trying to get their little lunch bags out everyday.

 Iley was blowing kisses to the big brothers.  They drove today instead of riding the bus.

 All ready for a fun day.  Lunch and play at the park, pottery painting, and then bowling.

Shark tank?

Moon over the old silo

 Hallelujah!  It finally rained and they were able to use their umbrellas and rain boots!  It was a happy day!

 Standing under the runoff at the corner of the house.

 Storm clouds rolling in over our town.

And LOTS of pictures of this cute little munchkin that spent the day at Nanna and Papaws house.

 I seriously just want to EAT him some times!!

 He LOVES the dogs!  And is not one bit afraid of them.  This one is not afraid of HIM either...the other one hides! LOL.  The other one is the smarter one......

 Tonka (the dog, not the truck)  followed him all over.  He really just loves him.

Scrumptious!  Those cheeks, those legs, those little arms and hands!!

 Those little hands..........darling.

These two........are crazy!  If they don't hang themselves, or kill themselves it will only be by the grace of God and the vigilance of their guardian angels!  Just 2 days ago Wren came in crying, and fell on the floor sobbing.  I asked her what happened?  She signed light and scared.........I was totally lost!  I tried to get her to tell me more but she just yelled at me to come outside with her.......  Sherman went out while I tried to get her to talk to me.  He said there was a light plugged in with an extension cord from the garage laying on a wet spot on the ground.......Iley was standing out there by it looking scared and Sherman asked her "what's this?"  She says very seriously......."don't touch it!"  We found out through a series of questions that Wren had plugged in a heat lamp that was in the garage, and turned it over like a bowl, and Iley filled it with water while Wren held it.................When we asked her where it hurt, she shook her hands from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet.  Yep, Shocked her good and proper.   I was afraid it would mess up the mapping on her processors too, or that with metal in her head, really burn her internally........Just thank you Lord for protecting her. 


 This little mannie LOVES his sticks and balls and playing in the dirt.  He's all boy!

 You tell them Brentley :)

 Iley caught this butterfly off the lilac bush by trapping it between 2 cups. It was Wren's idea, she went in the house and got the cups and demonstrated how it should be done, and Iley did it.  Then she claimed it of course. This is how MOST of their escapades are carried out. Wren orchestrates and directs, and Iley follows along.  Unless it involves tying.........then of course Wren does the tying.

 I love how Wren is "helping" her blow.

 All the fuzz blew in Wren's face!

I LOVE  this picture Wren drew at school!  For those of you who don't know Ella, she's expecting a baby next month.

She also drew this picture.  I thought it was pretty good.  I like the shoes strings.

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