Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Welcome Finn August

Welcome to our world Finn August.  It's amazing how you just fall in love with these tiny creatures, little bits of heaven with tiny fingernails, skin so soft, downy fuzzy heads, mewing noises, bleating cries that MUST be answered, aimless flailing hands, startled jumps, a tiny heavy burrito that smells divine.  Love.

His Birthday......with his tired, but happy daddy.  His mommy was exhausted, and not feeling too good so we mercifully left her out of the pictures the first night.

 Day 2 with his aunts and one of his uncles. I missed a picture with Sherman.

 Iley loved holding him.  She held him 3 different times.  Wren was more interested in how Ella was doing, but finally did hold him for a little bit.  When Brentley was born I had to Make her hold him.  She didn't want anything to do with him.  So we've made a little progress.

 pardon the weird color......these last ones were a little over exposed.

 This whole baby business has made the girls want to see their baby pictures.  We get out the photo albums and look at all the boys' baby pictures to see who Finn looks like, and they see all the grandmas and Aunts and Uncles holding them..........We have 2 stark pictures of each of the girls as babies, certainly no one holding them.  Makes me sad for them.  I think they are realizing more and more what they missed.  They are a little more needy and clingy and a little bit jealous.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May Days

This is just a bunch of random life happenings.  I'm trying to get caught up on my blogging and pictures.

 They made a castle out of their blocks and Brentley's toys.

This was one of the tornadoes we watched a couple of weeks ago.  We were standing in the road at the end of our lane taking this picture.

 Photo Bomb!

 Ready for church.........minus the foot wear.  They neither one wore these shoes.

 Ready for their Spring concert.  It was a little sunny to be taking this on the front porch.

 Waiting with their class for the program to start.

 The girls were watching their brothers play a heated game of corridors.  It didn't end stomped off mad cause the other one was not playing fair...or thought they knew everything.......or maybe both.

 Do notice the reading material that Brentley is so absorbed in! Hee hee.

 I can't believe I let this happen in my kitchen.......not once.....but twice in the same day.  There is much truth in the statement that the youngest always gets by with more than the older ones did.


She's being an angel........with the computer room curtain for a robe.

 So of course Wren wanted to be one too.

 Then round two of basket ball with the other big brother.

 Even the very littlest got into the game :(  There is no hope!

 Most of you know, I'm sure, that Troy's business is located in Colorado, while the family is located in Kansas.  This was supposed to be a short term arrangement while everything got settled, then the family was going to move to Colorado too.  Well.........2 years and 4 months later, nothing has changed........yet.  We are seriously looking and planning to move to Fountain CO, before school starts in the fall.  We just spent the weekend there looking at houses, and visiting the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  We toured the facility, and talked to the administrators, and feel like this would be a great fit for Wren.  The campus is around 150 yrs old.  There is a framed letter from Helen Keller in the entry way.  So cool.  It feels like a little college campus. There are dorms for the kids that live to far away to go home every night.  All kids go home on the weekend, but some stay during the school week.

This is the main office where you check in and get a name tag.

This is the newer building that her actual classrooms will be in.  It is preschool through 12th grade.

This was a group of kids that all had cochlear implants.  When Wren saw them and discovered that they all had them, she was so excited, checking them out, and showing them hers!  Troy and I about cried just watching her.  All the teachers, staff, and the kids sign, but she will still have speech therapy as well.  Our hope and prayer is that by being immersed in sign language, and surrounded by signing peers.....she will WANT to learn language more.

 This is one of two old cupboards like this in the cafeteria.  So neat.  This is in one of the old buildings.

This is the school for the blind.  The track has rails around it for them to feel as they run.

 Then back to the motel to swim.........the highlight of their trip.



 Iley riding on Dad's back under water.  Wren had just got done doing the same thing.

 Playing office back in the room.  They packed their own toy bags for the trip.

 Home again.  Iley's crazy bed head hair.

 Brentley was eating clementines with Uncle Sherm.
 He's signing More.

 The girls found one of the dog leashes..........poor Chet.

 Uncle Ash is SO much fun!