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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Friday, April 3, 2015

These are random, and out of order, but I wanted to get them up.

White door picture

Wren's Easter party at school.  I could have won the worst mom of the year, award here......I thought I was supposed to help in Iley's room for some reason, and told Iley I was coming to her room.....she and Wren helped me fill all the treat bags, Iley was planning on taking the stuff to school in her backpack......she was super excited about it.......and then.....I looked at the text message again.  Yep, it was Wren's, not Iley's.  OH> MY> WORD>  can you say tears!!!!!!!!  I felt AWFUL! 

 Chalk eggs.

 Lined up playing heads up 7-up.

 Ella was drawing on the side walk with them.

 Now why can't I get Wren to look like this when I get her all dressed up for pictures??

 This makes me think of the green guy in the garbage can, Oscar the grouch,  on Sesame Street.

 Except she wasn't grouchy.

 Big brother reading a story to them.  He's going to be such a good daddy :)  Although I do have a feeling he may be on night duty fairly often after he has gotten them all riled up and wild!

 Doing their white door is doing a mug is being mugged by one saying save me, save me.......the other one was calmly looking at a book and ignoring us altogether.


Working out to my Turbo Jam dvd.  It was quite entertaining!

 The cousins got off the bus here one eve.  These 3 were all piled on the chair reading/looking at books.

 At a family gathering, all the big boys......and two small pixies who are NOT afraid of big boys.......were all lined up to jump across the tramp.  The object was to do one big jump, and only hit the tramp once.

  Inside, this cute lovey was chillin out here in the middle of the floor.


random findings

The bears in their cave.