Lonely no More:)
And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Iley's 8th Birthday

We'll start with her birthday party at School which actually happened on her birthday.  I had just gotten home the night before from being gone for 4 days.  When I went up to wake her up, I sang "happy birthday to you".....she sat up and hugged my neck and said "MY MOMMY IS HOME!!"  her next words were "Is my Daddy home for my birthday too?"  He wasn't :(   That about broke her Daddy's heart!  She seems to have bonded well in recent months. Thank you Lord.

 We started the day with Mom eating lunch with them.

Their classmates all wanted in the pictures too.

All done with the lunchroom chaos and ready to head back to class.

Iley and her best friend, Sydney.

Her pick for treats was cupcakes, crackers and cheese and ham.  And some green Hawaiian punch.

Things were getting a little out of control here.

Then we celebrated her birthday at home on Sunday.

This just might win the ugliest cake award!  I ordered a blizzard cake last minute from D.Q. and told the girl it was for an 8 year old so something girly and to use green icing if they had 

She's not amused by you Thatcher!

Excitedly waiting for Wren to bring her her presents.

Ella caught Ash actually giving me a REAL hug.......he's a side hugger if we let him.

Birthday hugs.

Grandpa and Grandma Knaus always send money for them to pick out what they want.  This is what She picked.  Umbrella, hat with a long blonde braid, a frog diary that locks, and a wand.

This was from Ash and El.

Then it was Iley's turn to surprise Wren with a gift.  Wren brought it to her thinking it was Iley's.  When Iley was picking out all her loot at Claire's, Wren kept trying to talk her into getting a pair of long white gloves.  She wanted them sooo bad, but knew it was Iley's birthday.   Iley almost did......but then found something else she liked better.  Wren was disappointed, but didn't fuss, so I went back later and got them for her, knowing that she would really get the good out of them.

Iley is telling Wren, this is for you.

She was so happy!

This one is from Uncle Mike and Aunt Gwen, Fran and Henry.

She was so pleased......even though she knew what was in the box because she picked it out herself at the book fair.  She picked it, I paid for it.....then told her "Kiss him won't see him again until your birthday"

She loves the Llama Llama red pajama books!

Of course the first thing you have to do is take off his clothes.

Not sure what this monkey face is all about.

New ear rings.

More candy and gum from Thatch and Kyndahl.

This poor baby just never gets any sad.

All her loot.

This was what she picked out with Grandma and Grandpa Deaton's money.

And.......she decided for some reason to undo the braid on her hat........we had to cut it off.

Iley was covering her ears because Sherman was throwing pencils at the balloons still hanging up!  Sounds safe huh?
What a blessing this little spunky, funny, silly, loving girl is to our family!  We love you so much Iley!