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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time 'March' es on

Harrison and I both work at DQ. I work the day shift, and he comes in as I'm leaving.    I like it better than he does.....but I don't get the harassment from upper class men that he does either.  I snapped these on my cell phone one evening when Sherm and the girls and I came back in for supper.

 His face looks like "whatever dude, just order your food"

 This clientele on the other hand........take ....your......time.

 Enjoying ice cream.  They love that mom works at the ice cream place!

 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting to see the doctor.  Sore throat, runny nose, fever, nausea.......gotta be strep.  We went to the drugstore afterwards to pick up her meds, and she says "mom, I'm gonna throw up!"  Thankfully we were standing by the soda fountain, and I reached over the counter and grabbed the biggest cup I could see...........whew!  Made it.

 Selfie to pass the time.

 Just messing with my settings.

Wren's hair is getting crazy long!  I threaten to cut it off every time we have to comb it.  She starts shrieking and carrying on like I'm pulling her hair out one by one.......and I just say "cut it?"  and she stops.  Cause she LOVES her long hair.  She preens, and flips it behind her, and brushes it, and brings her braid around the front like Elsa on the Frozen movie.  She is quite vain, and not above gloating to her little sister that her hair is long like mom's, and Iley's is short.

 Love Love Love this man.

 Think they've had their pictures taken here before??  If you'll notice....the play camera is duct taped onto the tripod.  Wren, the photographer....of course....was telling Iley how to pose.  Gotta love her ensemble!

 Getting down to get the picture!

 Her patient model.

 Standing in the sunlight, fascinated with all the reflections.

 I'm not sure the socks added anything to the outfit my dear........but comfort first for this one!

She went from the disco dress to this.
 Wren went from the tutu and blanket to this.  A little later I look out and she is in only her underwear jumping on the tramp.....cause her dress must have been getting in the way.  This dress has been her favorite from day 1.  When she first came home almost 3 years ago, it was dragging the ground!

Then I find it all left in the living room.  I have found that girls are less destructive than boys.....but they are every bit as messy!  They set up house keeping in every corner of the house, and love STUFF.
The mad tie-er strikes again.

Castle of our favorite places to hike.

 She wasn't as close to the edge as it looks.

They love to climb, but are not fans of the brush.

They've come a looooooong ways in their coordination in 3 years!  This is about as high as Harrison likes to get.  He is just a little afraid of heights.

 Do you see Sherm perched on top of that far rock?

She found this little cave and was signing 'bear.'  She can look at the cave and know that a bear lives there, but if you asked her where does a bear live, she wouldn't be able to tell you in language.  I'm pretty sure she wouldn't sign Cave.  IF she understood you were asking a question.  It's the most frustrating thing.  She is so smart, but trying to get that information in her head into language form is an uphill battle.  I'm so thankful for an amazing team of teachers that love her and are dedicated to teaching her.


 Piddle dinking.  That should be her middle name.

 Some fellow hikers brought their furry friends.  Iley was in love with this pup.

 A cool bird nest.

We climbed up over these rocks...............

 ...........and found this cave behind it.

 This was over head.

 Throwing rocks at bird nests.......I didn't approve, but they didn't listen. :(  There were no birds in them.

 A shady place to rest.

 It's such a strange place.  It's literally out in the middle of a prairie.  Look at that vastness out beyond the rocks.  It's that way all around this place.

 Keep moving puddle duck.

Some of Harrison's friends joined us.

 They went scaling up the cliffs.......Harrison stayed below and watched.  Even with his buddies to impress, he just doesn't like those high, steep places.

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