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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The last of February

A white door picture.  Iley was pleased with the heels on her boots cause it made her a little taller.

Wren put these on her toothpick and then lifted it up and down like a barbell.

So of course Iley copied her.

 Not the most efficient help with paying the bills, but he just might be the cutest.

 This is a diaper for their dolls.  When I asked Iley why it was on the giraffe like this.....she said "He's a KING, that's his cape!" 

 Trying to climb the cellar door.

Hello, Hello, can you hear me Joe?   
Oh no. I can not hear your call, I can not hear your call at all....this is not good, and I know why....A mouse has cut the wire. Good bye!

 I remember doing this with my sister :)

 We were trying to get Wren to smile naturally.  She goes into pose mode and freezes.

 I tried showing her in the mirror how to relax her jaw........etc.............
 Is this better mom?...........ummmmm............

 Now she's all hunched over!  Never mind love, never mind.


Her hair looks like a big pineapple!  It was a cute messy bun this morning for church. It is so thick, and has a mind of it's own!

 She loves her daddy.........I'm sure his nose NEEDED kissed.

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