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Monday, March 16, 2015

Just for Fun Photo Shoot

Well........I thought it was fun, and Iley mostly thought it was fun.......Wren was sure I was torturing her most of the time, and did not "get" why we were doing this.

This was painted on the back side of a building in town. 

They are sitting in front of a dumpster.  I liked the color.

 Main street in our small town is totally dead on a Sunday afternoon!  I think 3 cars went by in the 5 minutes we were here.

 This is the underpass that goes under I-70 near our house.

 I like the silhouette effect here.

This is an Overpass for I-70 not far from us.  Not one car used this road while we were here.  They were waving at the cars going underneath.

 One honked.  Iley was amused.

 Wren was pretty much done by now.  She had her cheese freeze on.  She freezes her smile, says eeeeeeeeee, and only moves her eyes.  I was trying to get her to relax and smile naturally........

 I AM smiling mom!!!  I said no, not that big.........she got mad and stomped off.

 I asked Iley, "where is Wren?"  She pointed around the corner.

 If you think I'm even going to try smiling, think again lady!

 The next spot was a little more fun, although this big swing kinda freaked Wren out.

 She got off and was quite happy to just push Iley.........who loved it.

 She didn't like this one either, and didn't want to go very high at all.

 I'll try it again BY MYSELF, and stay back please!  She wasn't risking anyone giving her a push!

 Just a couple more......because the tables happen to be yellow like your dresses.

Now off to D.Q. for supper and ice cream for being good sports.  I'm totally NOT against bribery :)


  1. I love the one on the table where Wren is hugging the apple! See you in a week :)