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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Monday, February 2, 2015

Wren's 8th Birthday Party at Home

We had Wren's party at home with just our family this year.  The first guests to arrive were Big brother Ash and sis Ella....and the wee one that is over half way here :)  and we finally are starting to believe that maybe there really is something in her tummy ;)

 Next to arrive was this handsome trio....Big brother Thatcher, sis Kyndahl and Brentley.

 For lunch we had grilled BBQ chicken legs and thighs.  She LOVES chicken on the bone!  She makes a grand and glorious mess of it!  Sliced potatoes with cheese, bacon bits and cheese, and tossed salad...and a DQ, snickers blizzard cake for dessert.

 Big brother Ash kept threatening the cake with his fork.  She was a fierce defender!

 Beef sticks from Kyndahl and Thatcher.

 Grandma and Grandpa Knaus sent her money.....she hit the jackpot at Claires.  She picked out this pink umbrella, a princess hat, a tiara, and a fake Rapunzel braid.

 She obviously LOVED the umbrella!

 I'm trying to get IN the pictures occasionally.  I'm usually behind the camera....which suits me fine.

 The little man loved the chicken bones!

 She got a jewelry making kit from Ash and Ella.

 SUCH a beautiful princess.

 I think her brothers had as much fun with her princess dress up hats as she did!  He was being a unicorn I believe.

 Here.....try to drink your coffee........brat.

 Then later I found them in the bathroom like this!  too late.....they were already done.  Good grief.  Aren't they going to be mad at me someday! LOL

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