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And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. Matthew18:5

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Rest of February

My willing, but not necessarily cooperative model.

 From my front porch looking in.

 Uncle Sherman and his little buddy.

 Sunset while out walking.

Life doesn't get much better than this....outside.....riding high.....chewing on a stick.

The girls blew up a rubber glove, tied a knot in the end, wrapped it in a wash cloth, and called it their baby.

 And a girl must talk on the phone ya know.



 "oh..your baby is so cute"

 This was a gorgeous sunset on the way out to Colorado.  Troy, and the boys and I got to go snowboarding for a couple of days. Troy had gotten some free tickets from a customer out there, and we got to stay in their house for free.  The girls stayed with their biggest brothers and sisters.

 The little town/resort at the bottom of the mountain. This was Beaver Creek.  The next day we went to Copper Mountain, and the last day we went to Cooper.  

One of the ski lifts.

 Most likely discussing the vast and interesting diversity of humanity milling below.

 This is what our hub caps looked like when we got home.  It was so cool.

 Uncle Harrison and Bubba.

 He was fascinated with the yard stick, but didn't really quite know how to manage it.

 He would shut his eyes every time he picked it up, I think he was just waiting for it to whack him in the head.

 Can you tell there is someone in our family expecting a baby?  This is the first time they've done this.

Uncle Sherman was letting him play his keyboard with him.  I wish you could see Brentley's face!  He is making the same face as Sherm.

 This is SO MUCH FUN!

 An intense duet?  Maybe some day.

 Then I find random things like this around my house on a regular basis.  Not a doubt in my mind which one did this. Wren.

 These should be up with the other pictures of the walk, but it loaded them funny, and I don't want to take the time to move they are.

Playing her guitar by the fire.  She handed Iley a stick and ordered her to roast marshmallows.  Then Wren would carefully pull the "marshmallows" off between her thumb and first finger and hand them to us. 

I walk into the computer room and wonder why Iley is playing with Shermans bag.....

 Iley is signing "my turn" to get in.

 Wren efficiently zipped her in..............

 .........and hauled her off.